American Leather Gaines Comfort Sleeper

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Height 37"
Depth 40"
Seat Height 20"
Seat Depth 23"
Arm Height 24"
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The renowned American Leather Gaines Comfort Sleeper comes equipped with the quintessential rolled arm - snazzy embroidery along the front arm's curves infuses modern pizazz into this timeless staple.

The American Leather Gaines Comfort Sleeper is all about comfort. Its design gives you more space to sleep, with an 8" deeper sleeping area than competitor designs. Imagine an 80" sleeping depth with a super cozy 5" high-density HiPerform mattress covered in Crypton® performance fabric. You can even upgrade to a Gel or Tempur-Pedic® mattress if you like.

When you open the Gaines Comfort Sleeper, it doesn't need any space behind it, so it's great for saving floor space. Plus, it's really convenient if you have tight hallways or doorways. The Gaines fully disassembles and can move through narrow passages with ease. And don't worry about its quality; the frame comes with a lifetime warranty, with a 10-year warranty on the mechanism.

But this Comfort Sleeper is more than just a sofa bed. It's a versatile piece of furniture that comes with a lot of choices. You can pick from 7 different sizes and three types of mattresses. There are also options for sectionals, sofas, and chairs. And when it comes to the look, you can choose from various fabrics and leathers to match your style.

If you're curious to know more about this fantastic sofa sleeper, there's a lot to discover. Find out why it's considered the best and learn about all available options. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's a way to make your space comfortable and versatile.

  • No Bars
  • No Springs
  • Pure Comfort

No Bars, No Springs

The American Leather Gaines Comfort sleeper doesn't have bars or springs for your body to feel. Integrated into its Tiffany 24/7 Mechanism are three mattress decks that distribute weight. The material between the decking and your body is what makes the difference between a Comfort Sleeper and any other sofa sleeper.

Mattresses For Every Preference

HiPerform Foam

HiPerform Foam is a reimagined foam with an infusion of carbon fiber for breathability and strength. Its Crypton® cover enhances its ability to clean and keep clean. The unparalleled innovation of HiPerform Foam effortlessly balances lightweight composition with unmatched strength, providing unwavering support and comfort like never before.
  • Performance Quilted Cover made with Crypton® is a PFAS-free premium fabric fused with antimicrobial and antibacterial technology to shield against any stains or spills while remaining fully-breathable. It's engineered to last, providing lifelong stain and odor protection.
  • HiPerform Foam is 10x stronger than steel. Carbon fiber is known for its unrivaled strength, and when joined with foam, it retains gentle pliability, flexibility, and support.
  • Each cell in HiPerform Foam is layered with an infusion of carbon fiber that strengthens the foam's composition.
  • The ultralight foam performs like high-density foam without the burden of additional bulk, allowing relief in areas of deep compression.

    • Cooling Gel

      The American Leather Comfort Sleeper's Cooling Gel offers refreshing coolness with its three layers of cooling action, seamlessly blending peace and comfort.
      • Like all mattress options, the Gel mattress is covered in PFAS-free, antimicrobial premium Crypton® fabric.
      • Each layer, from the cool-touch ticking to the copper-infused gel top to the temperature-conductive base, harmoniously combine to create remarkable cooling relaxation.
      • The aforementioned copper beads are heat-reactive and draw warmth away from the body and guide it away from the body.


      Experience ultimate personalized comfort with the Tempur-Pedic mattress that conforms seamlessly to your body's contours, eliminating discomfort from pressure points.
      • PFAS-free, antimicrobial premium Crypton® fabric cover
      • Tempur-Pedic offers elevated comfort and durability and is crafted with meticulous care.
      • Experience support that conforms to your body, providing relief and pressure where it's needed most. A premium foam layer base minimizes those pressure points and reduces restlessness.

      The Comfort Sleeper Difference

      The American Leather Comfort Sleeper offers the largest sleep space and the least floor space.

      This patented design allows the mattress to snug up to the back of the sofa, so it takes us less of your floor room. At the same time, the mattresses are longer than ordinary sofa beds. Conventional mattress lengths and widths are used so you and your guests can stretch out like you're used to.

      The Comfort Sleeper offers the only true-sized King and Twin sleeper on the market. King sofa beds take up as little as 84 inches in width. This will vary based on each model's arm width. A queen sleeper starts at 68 inches, while a twin sleeper fits in a 47-inch wide chair.

      Small Spaces Are No Problem

      The American Leather Comfort Sleeper can be adjusted to fit through narrow hallways, tight staircases, and around tricky corners with just a few easy steps. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to fully disassemble any American Leather® Comfort Sleeper™.
      Details Image
The Gaines Comfort Sleeper® by American Leather® is part of the most versatile and comfortable sleeper sofa on the market. With 13 styles available, from transitional to modern sleeper sofas and sectionals, you’re sure to find the best centerpiece for your living room The Only Sleeper Sofa You Can Sleep On — The Comfort Sleeper redefined the sofa bed industry, elevating it to a new level of comfort. Find the best sofa bed for your living room or guest bedroom today.
  • Patented Tiffany 24/7 platform sleep system
  • Mattress opens to a true 80" sleeping surface
  • 5 inches of plush foam mattress
  • Mattress standard in HiPerform high density foam; Upgrade to Cooling Gel and Tempur Pedic®
  • High-density high-resiliency foam seat cushions; upgrade to down casing
  • Zero wall clearance
  • Under sofa dust cover keeps dust and dirt from ever touching the mattresses
  • Double-needle topstitching
  • Loose back & seat cushions stay put until you remove them
  • Configurable in matching sectional pieces - see spec sheet in Manuals Tab
  • Mattress upholstered in Crypton® performance fabric
  • Leg height: 2"
  • Tufted back and seat cushion available
  • Change out multiple seat cushions for one bench seat cushion
  • Matching ottoman available
  • Wood legs are available in acorn, espresso, and walnut stained finishes

Enduring Style, Sustainable Practices

As a founding member of the Sustainable Furniture Council, a nonprofit organization created to promote sustainable practices in the furniture industry, American Leather® is committed to making our products and manufacturing operations environmentally friendly.

This commitment begins at the very foundation of our custom-made furniture. Each frame is constructed from wood harvested from sustainable forests and is precision-engineered to create as little scrap as possible. The scrap that remains is recycled or reused.

All leathers use water-based pigments, and we offer environmentally friendly leathers. Our innovative manufacturing techniques minimize the number of leather scraps, and like our wood scraps, any remaining leather scraps are either recycled or resold for the production of small leather goods.

All of our furniture styles use soy-based BiOH® Polyols Renew™ foam cushioning that is fully recyclable and available in a wide assortment of firmness and densities. Additionally, since April 2014, American Leather has exclusively used foam, leather, fabric, and Ultrasuede® that are free from fire retardants.

Our factory’s central U.S. location not only ensures fast product delivery compared to brands manufactured outside the country by reducing travel time, but it also yields a smaller carbon footprint than imported goods. Also, we conserve energy with automatic light shut-offs and encourage employees to recycle.
  • Leather
  • Fabric
Open the Manuals Tab below to see Care and Maintenance Tips on your Gaines Comfort Sleeper upholstery.
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American Leather

Founded by engineers in 1990, American Leather® was created on the belief that three months is too long to ever wait for a piece of customized furniture. Their founders believed that 12 weeks was too long to take an order from concept to completion. In the time since, American Leather has set the standard in the industry for custom furniture.

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  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • 10-Year warranty on mechanism
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