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Extra height if needed. The elevator ring increases the height of your Stressless recliner with a Classic base by 1.25 inches. Just snap it on: no tools are required.

Stressless Classic Elevator Ring is available in various sizes for recliners as the recliners have changed ring sizes over the years. The Elevator ring footstool fits all Stressless footstools with a Classic base produced after March 1. 2004.

 For measuring instructions, see the details tab below.

When you wish to add a ring to your chair, adding a matching ottoman ring will maintain the same reclining comfort that you are already familiar with. Leaving out the ottoman ring will increase the elevation difference between the recliner and the ottoman.

Do you find yourself with your hips below your knees when seated in your chair? An elevator ring will most likely enhance your comfort.

Do you have a bad back, and have a tough time getting up from your chair? An elevator ring will make it easier to get in and out of your recliner.

After having knee surgery is another good time to add an elevator ring.

Please be advised, Stressless elevator ring sizes have changed over the years. Select the elevator ring by measuring your chair's size for the correct fit.

Stacking two rings: you will also need the Stressless Replacement Swivel Ring Never stack more than two rings. Stacking more than two rings will make your recliner unsafe. Never add more than one elevator ring on Stressless Classic Power Recliners. Adding more than one ring will make your recliner unsafe.

Elevator Ring Size Guide

Small Pre 2012 = 21 1/4″
Small 2012-2017 = 23 3/8″
Small Post 2017 = 24 1/2″
Medium Pre 2012 = 21 1/4″
Medium Post 2012 = 24 1/2″
Large Pre-2012 = 24″
Large Post-2012 = 25 3/4″
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From the Company - Ekornes Stressless®

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