Siesta Old Ottoman Replacement Bronze Hardware

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The hardware set replaces the hardware for a Siesta old-style ottoman. Siesta Ottoman old-style Replacement Hardware includes eight screws and four threaded insert screws that fit snugly in the cross-sectional of the old Siesta Ottoman—made from steel.

You will know you have the old style when the legs on your ottoman are made of thinner laminate wood than your chair.

The hardware set will only fit on the old ottoman, not the chair.

Norwegian designer Ingmar Relling designed the Siesta Chair. Since its inception, the Siesta has taken the test of every generation and passed. Its durability, comfort, and simple design make it an easy choice for many settings.
Although durable, any chair declines with age. Luckily, the Siesta Chair has only a few pieces -- all of which are replaceable. Go to other LK Hjelle Siesta part page.
We aim to create beautiful, timeless Scandinavian pieces. Being a Norwegian family business producing furniture for an international market requires courage. Maybe even minor heroism. Our close cooperation with young Norwegian and international designers has made Hjelle known for innovative furniture design. And on this subject, we constantly write new chapters.
Even though we continue our adventure and strive to tell new stories, we are proud to say that our furniture is still made at our factory in Sykkylven, Norway. This is a chapter we don’t want to rewrite. We are convinced that it is only in this way that we can create and design pieces that will last for generations to come – in form, quality and comfort.
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Ingmar Relling

Ingmar Relling (1920-2002) was a passionate designer who created a series of functional furniture designs during his long career. He started his career at Rastad & Relling design studio in 1947 before establishing his studio in Sykkylven in 1950. Today, he is considered one of the most significant contributors to the golden era of Scandinavian Design. Simplicity, minimalism, elegance, and uncompromising quality are fundamental concepts in all of Relling’s designs. In 1965, Ingmar Relling designed his most incredible creation: the Siesta chair. It earned him first prize at the Industry Council for Furniture and Furnishing Industry Chair competition the same year. Even the White House was furnished with Ingmar Relling’s Siesta. Today, the Siesta chair is an internationally recognized classic and a Norwegian icon.

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LK Hjelle

We are storytellers, and the chief ingredients in all our product's stories are form, quality, and comfort. We like to call them our main chapters - and these chapters are carried on and told for generations. High quality and comfort were vital to the first generation and are still essential to our heritage. True craftsmanship runs in our blood.

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