LK Hjelle Leathers

Elmo® Rustical

Elmo Rustical has a grain that varies in structure and offers outstanding comfort. It is an Aniline leather with all the distinct features of the natural hide.

All Elmo leather is dyed-through and tested at Elmo’s laboratory. A hide is selected at random from every batch of finished leather and checked in accordance with the highest standards and regulations in Europe.

Origin: Scandinavian Cattle


Made for comfort, Elmo Rustical allows moisture to pass through it (or breathe), making it an ideal soft-to-the-touch upholstery option. Its natural grain will visually highlight hills and valleys in appearance. Being a full aniline (through-dyed & natural) and thicker leather, Elmo Rustical requires more frequent maintenance but will show off its natural beauty, softness, and comfort with greater ease.

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ER 99991 Black
ER 93287 Brown


ER33286 Tan


ER 95024 Red


ER 97054 Blue


ER 98953 Green


ER 91089 Grey


C. Hemsen® Aniline

Hemsen Aniline is a semi-aniline leather that has only a slightly pigmented surface. This means that this is as natural as leather can get while still having some exterior protection.

This leather is a classic, soft, slightly pigmented hide that will upholster well on any design, and remains popular for its beauty, touch, and greater durability. It is a great option for those who want the feel of a natural hide but require some protection.

Origin: European Cattle


Hemsen Aniline is a semi-aniline leather that maintains a layer of protection - albeit a thin layer. As opposed to full-aniline leather, semi-aniline leather is slightly less soft, but to an unskilled eye, the difference would be difficult to feel.

Lesser attention to maintenance would not be as harmful as opposed to its full-aniline counterpart - although we would never recommend that! Please maintain all leathers from the elements.

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HA 19 Black
HA 35 Brown


HA 22 Sand


Nevotex® Prescott

Prescott is a lightly embossed, top-grain, semi-aniline (medium protection with corrected pigment) dyed leather produced on European and South American rawhide. Each hide has a nice and soft feeling to match an elegant look. It remains one of the most popular leathers for its beauty and durability.

Origin: South American and European Cattle


Prescott is made to last. Like Hemsen Aniline, Prescott has a layer of protection applied to each hide. Scott offers slightly more protection, and while still soft-to-the-touch, it is noticeably different compared to a full-aniline leather. The tradeoff is less maintenance with greater protection.

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SC 201 Ivory


SC 208 Lamb


Swamp 223 SCOTT


SC 298 Root


SC 207 Black Ink

Black Ink

SC 211 Grey Shadow

Grey Shadow

Prescott 231 Chestnut


LK Hjelle Prescott Hezelnut 289 Leather


Sørensen Dunes®

DUNES® is an exclusive Aniline leather with a natural, rustic look. A velvety tactile feel is achieved by sanding and applying leather oil to the surface. At the same time, DUNES® boasts a matte look that’s raw with a touch of understated elegance.

Origin: European Cattle from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Scandinavia


Dunes is a natural, unprocessed, top-grain, rawhide leather. In comparison to the other leathers offered on this page, it has zero top-conditioning is protected with a special penetrating leather oil. Like a bomber jacket, a patina will develop over time with usage and exposure to light - this is the beauty of having zero finish/protection - and is meant to show its age over time.

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Dunes 21004 Camel


Dunes  21000 Cognac


Dunes 21002 Rust


Dunes 21001 Dark Brow

Dark Brown

Dunes 21003 Anthazite