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A fit for any shape

The Diffrient Smart Chair by Humanscale tackles issues with many task chairs and addresses comfort and durability. With minimal moving parts and simple design, this ergonomic seating was designed to accommodate body shapes of all sizes with a few effortless adjustments.

Design Actions

To simplify comfort, the Diffrient Smart Chair was designed with three actions at the forefront.

  • seat height
  • arm height
  • backrest tilt

Humanscale Diffrient Smart Angle

Mesh Backing

The high-quality backing is made of durable, supportive, and breathable nylon polyurethane mesh.

We don't always sit straight up, and this was in mind when creating a comfortable, auto-adjusting back.  Whatever orientation, the Diffrient smart back will adjust to body position.

Want to recline? Simply lean back. No buttons or knobs to adjust yourself, the chair will do the work for you.

Seating Ergonomics

The Diffrient Smart seat is made of high-quality injection molding that stands the test of weight and comfort. Unlike many rigid seats, the Diffrient Smart offers a wide, flexible seat. With a slight natural curve, this chair also features comfortable edges that do not dig into the legs.

Adjustable Arms

Lastly, adjustable Duron arms do not have fixed settings. This means that it adjusts to any desired height. If they need to be out of the way, they can be lowered all way down.

There are many adjustable task chairs available, but with a wide range of body shapes to please, the Diffrient Smart Chair succeeds in capturing the comfort of any sitter.

This specific quick ship model saves on cost and shipping time. But it is also fully customizable. Feel free to contact us here for details.

  • Distinctive clean lines create a timeless aesthetic that reflects
    today’s designed environments
  • Form-Sensing Mesh Technology takes mesh support to the
    next level
  • Non-stretch, tri-panel backrest provides instant, extraordinary
    comfort and lumbar support
  • Automatic weight-sensitive recline ergonomically
    accommodates users without the clumsy interference of
    external devices or mechanisms for ultimate ease of use
  • Pivoting backrest adjusts to the changing needs of the spine
  • Shaped seat cushions are carefully sculpted to fit the body’s contours to enhance ergonomic comfort
  • Size-adjustable design fits more than 95% of the population
  • Optional, high-performance armrests move forward and
    backward, as well as inward and outward
  • Light weight allows for easy mobility
  • Fewer parts and manufacturing processes make the chair more sustainable
  • Content—consisting predominantly of aluminum, with some steel and plastic components— makes the chair more durable and long-lasting

Two Options, what's the difference?

The black Humanscale Diffrient Smart chair has two different quick ship options. Both are black, include adjustable duron arms, casters, a back, and a seat to sit on. In fact, this premium product is customizable, but you can save by purchasing the quick ship models offered here. So what's the difference? The answer is in their configurations. There are two simple differences, the seat fabric, and the back mesh fabric. Let's take a look.

Corde 4 and Pinstripe Mesh

Corde 4 is the name of this nylong and polyurethane blend fabric. Is was designed for durability and elasticity. Designed by award-winning textile designer Elizabeth Whelan, Corde 4 was designed specifically for Humanscale seating in mind. The fabric will withstand the test of time, but it will not sacrifice its four-way stretchable elasticity. It also conforms to the ergonomically shaped seat, so you'll be allowed to move freely without pulling or ripping the fabric.

The mesh Pinstripe back material cradles the user while also remaining breathable. Think of it as lay against semi-flexible netting.


Fourtis and Monofilament Mesh

Fourtis was designed for durability, elasticity, and sustainability. Fourtis is sustainably manufactured to create a net positive impact, and is compliant with the Living Product Challenge. It also maintains industry-leading standards for performance without the use of a stain resistant finish, a prevalent practice in the furnishing industry that puts users into direct contact with toxic chemicals. Like Corde 4, this fabric will withstand the test of time and conforms to the ergonomically shaped seat.

Monofilament Stripe has an elastic composition that achieves strength through its distinctive weave structure to provide unmatched support.


Niels Diffrient

With a career spanning more than 50 years, industrial designer Niels Diffrient revolutionized the world of design by focusing on the human experience. Diffrient was known for creating products that clearly embodied his beliefs of solving functional problems as simply and elegantly as possible, resulting in honest, timeless forms. Read More


About Humanscale Humanscale is the premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort at work. Their award-winning office solutions – including selfadjusting seating, sit/stand desks, monitor arms and task lighting – inspire movement and support the user in their every posture.   Humanscale Design… Read More
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