Woud Tray Shelf (Low)

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Configuration One
  • Shelves: 1 short oak + 2 wide oak

Configuration Two
  • Shelves: 1 short black + 2 wide black

Configuration Three
  • Shelves: 1 short black + 2 wide oak

Configuration Four
  • Shelves: 1 short oak + 2 wide black

Configuration Five
  • Shelves: 1 short walnut + 2 wide walnut

Configuration Six
  • Shelves: 1 short black + 2 wide walnut

Configuration Seven
  • Shelves: 1 short walnut + 2 wide black
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Width 39.25"
Height 31.75"
Depth 15.75"
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The Woud Tray Shelf (Low) embodies a sleek shelving concept characterized by clean lines, balanced symmetry, and minimalist charm. Crafted to facilitate diverse configurations, it empowers users to personalize their space by selecting preferred tray combinations. Simply select trays and position them across different tiers within the frame. By adjusting the small trays, spaces are created within the shelving structure, enabling the placement of taller items in the available gaps.

Tray Shelf is designed to create various possible arrangements of the trays making the shelving system dynamic and personal. Take the trays and place them on the different levels in the metal frame until you have the arrangement and expression you like. Gaps in the shelving system are created by moving the small trays, which allow taller objects to be placed in the open space.
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Gaps in the shelving system are created by moving the small trays, which allow taller objects to be placed in the open space. The various possible arrangements of the shelves make the shelving system vivid and personal. Take the trays and place them on the different levels in the frame until you have the arrangement you like. Tray shelf is Japanese in its elegant expression. German in its solid and thorough construction.
  • Gliding trays in two widths
  • Two heights available
  • Multiple combinations available
  • Powder coated black metal frame
  • Black leather strap to fully secure to a wall

Aesthetic Sustainability

WOUD DESIGN believes that the most sustainable products are those that have a long life cycle. This is often achieved through the utilization of quality materials, a timeless expression, and the emotions the design can evoke. If a product can affect us emotionally and remain in good condition, we want to keep it for our whole life and maybe even pass it on as a heritage item. We call this aesthetic sustainability.

The items in our collection are created with the intention of keeping their functionality and elegant appearance as time goes by. our products are not seasonal items made to be replaced or thrown out when fashion changes. The simple and modern expression, along with the quality materials, are made for use - for many years to come.

Guiding Principles

To act determined and yet realistic, we have carefully selected areas where our green progression begins. In the following, we will introduce our three guiding principles for this green transition briefly.


At WOUD, we want to do business responsibly by reducing our carbon footprint. Packaging is one of our greatest climate challenges. Therefore, this specific parameter of our supply chain is an area where we can create effective and remarkable changes. Making it paramount for our green transition. To approach this challenge, we want to make up for the global throw-away culture related to used packaging.


Our second guiding principle relates to our work with more sustainable and innovative materials to lessen our environmental impact. We believe that the most sustainable products have a long life cycle. But to gain complete insight into the carbon footprint of the individual design, we have to start at the very beginning of the cycle - namely, the raw materials and their utilization of them.

Development and Design

At WOUD, we want to participate in the ongoing sustainable development, contribute to focusing on innovative resource utilization, and inspire our surroundings. With our suppliers, consumers, and other stakeholders in mind, we will work determinedly to create a waste-me-not collection made from waste material.

Innovative Materials

We do our best to merge design and sustainability as seen with the use of recycled plastic bottles as fillings in our weave cushion series. Our sustainable business practices are based on integrity, transparency and responsibility, which correlate to the core values of our brand; honesty and simplicity.

We source raw materials with the greatest care and view sustainability as an integral part of the Scandinavian design tradition. our work with sustainable and innovative materials is to lessen our impact on the environment. With these small initiatives and actions, we are aware that we are not 100% where we would like to be. We believe that these actions and ambitions are small steps in the right direction. A direction we will focus much more on in the years to come.
For daily care, wipe off with a clean, moist cloth followed by a soft dry cloth. A lacquered surface has been sealed in a way so it is difficult for liquids and dirt to penetrate into the wood. Still, a lacquered surface is very delicate and scratches cannot be removed once they are on the surface. Be very careful in the first month upon the arrival of the furniture as it takes approximately four weeks for the lacquered surface to fully harden.

Thorough Cleaning

Clean off any loose dust and dirt. Use a mild solution of water and a universal cleaning detergent (1 teaspoon per 6 cups water) and rub the surface with a clean cloth until all stains are dissolved. If the stains are difficult to remove, the cleaning detergent can be applied directly on the stains, left on for a few minutes before being wiped off again. Wash afterwards with clean water. Finally, you should wipe the surface with a clean and dry cloth until completely dry.


No maintenance is needed as such, only good thorough cleaning. If damage to the surface occurs, it might be necessary to re-lacquer the surface. We recommend using a professional for this.


Be careful with the surface, especially within the first four weeks. Scratches often become very visible and not easily repairable. Should damages or deep scratches occur contact a professional to do the repairs. The lacquered surface is also very vulnerable to excessive heat, alcohol and moisture, which can easily leave visible marks.
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Hanne Willmann

The inspiration for the [Tray Shelf] design arose in Hanne Willmann’s own studio. She needed a flexible space to place her collection of vases. The idea was to design a shelving system that was more than merely convenient. It should be highly satisfying from an aesthetic point of view as well to accommodate the modern interior design and lifestyle. “We no longer use shelving systems as bookshelves, but rather to show the objects we love. You can arrange the shelves matching your needs,” says Hanne Willmann.

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We create timeless designs with great attention to quality, simplicity, and honesty. Designs that are made for you - and made for use. Our vision is clear. We want to share our love for honest design.

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