Stressless Sky Plush Layer

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Stressless®, the people who brought the most ergonomic chairs to the market, now have your sleep comfort in mind. Experience comfort with the Stressless Sky and Sky Plush

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Length 80"
Width 60", 76", 80"
Height 11"

Uninterrupted Sleep

Stressless Sky Mattress - your way to uninterrupted dreamland! Experience the incredible power of sleep adjustment with a balanced combination of support, pressure relief, and airy ventilation. And it all comes with the guarantee of sweet slumber, no matter how active you are in your dreams. Good night!

Treat Yourself to Luxurious Comfort

Get ready to say goodbye to restless nights and hello to energizing mornings with the Stressless® Sky Mattress! This luxurious mattress creates the perfect sleep environment with its extra Plush layer for optimal comfort. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day with the same comfort you know and love from the legendary Stressless® recliners! Sweet dreams (and sweet savings!) await!

An Investment In Your Health

Forget about tossing and turning - with the Stressless Sky mattress, you're guaranteed a (super comfy!) night's sleep that'll have you feeling like a brand-new you. Quality sleep can make a difference, from improving memory to reducing stress and boosting immune function! Get ready to wake up refreshed and take on the day!

Experience Brought to America

Experience the next level of comfort sleep with the Stressless® Sky mattress from Ekornes. Our unique mattresses are the result of 80 years of research and innovation in the mattress industry, providing you with a dream sleep. With decades of customer satisfaction in Scandinavia, experience the same level of custom comfort with the Stressless® Sky.
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A Modular Mattress System

Unlock a good night's sleep with the Stressless Sky Mattress. Perfectly customizable with layers of plush padding, foam, and pocket springs, it promises superior support and comfort - just what you need for days that start off right! Sleeping on clouds has never been this easy!

A Spring System for Greater Support and Pressure Relief

Take flight to the land of sweet dreams with the Stressless Sky Mattress! Its AdaptiveZone™ and NordicSoft™ foams make every night luxurious, providing tailored comfort that adapts to fit your individual needs. No matter your body shape or preferences, you're supported with a high-quality layer for the perfect alignment of your spine. So, hop aboard and get ready to soar off into dreamland!

Two or Three Layers of Comfort

The Stressless® Sky mattress is built from three layers comprising the support layer, the plush layer (Sky Plush), and the cloud layer.

  • Medium soft comfort
  • Cloud layer 3" NordicSoft™ foam for comfort and balance
  • AdaptiveZone™ adapts to body pressure and weight to straighten the spine
  • 8" pocket spring system for spine alignment
  • Mattress height: 11"
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