Stick Rug Pad

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The Stick Rug Pad is a functional underlayment designed specifically to keep your beautiful rugs in place despite your rug's pile, material composition, and size. Its stick side suits hardwood, concrete, tile, stone, high-pressure laminate, and, well... any hard flooring. You can also use it to keep a rug on carpet in place! Reverse the Stick Rug Pad sticky side up. Eco-friendly polyester fibers lock your rug in place without ruining carpet, and its stick side is gentle so as not to ruin delicate weaves like jute, kilim, soumak, handweaves, or machine weaves. 

Keeps Floors and Rugs Unharmed

The Stick Rug Pad is non-aggressive. Its adhesive is a gentle water-based resin coating doesn't stick or leave residue behind, and on the reverse side, its polyester fibers adhere to the underside of your rug or carpet without ruin.

  • Reversible for hard floor surfaces and carpet
  • Works well on hardwood, tile, stone, HPL, Luxury Vinyl, and carpet
  • Non-tape stick side made from gentle water-based resin
  • Odorless
  • Easy to cut with standard house scissors
  • Lightweight and easy to manipulate
  • Slim and trim thickness under 0.25"
  • Polyester
Before applying, clean the surface free from debris. If placing on carpet, vacuum before lying Stick Rug Pad down with your rug.
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