Skovby SM 27 Extendable Dining Table

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Oak Lacquered

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Walnut Lacquered

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White HPL Laminate Oak Oiled

White HPL Laminate Oak Oiled White

White HPL Laminate Oak Black

Black Nano Laminate Oak Oiled White

Black Nano Laminate Walnut Oiled
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Length 80.75",100.75",120.75",141",161",181",201"
Width 39.8"
Height 29"
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The Skovby SM 27 Extendable Dining Table design is retro-inspired, but at the same time, it has a modern expression. The rounded-off corners of the tabletop and the interplay with the double legs give the table vividness and visual tranquility. The proportions are well-balanced. It's perfect for any dining space or kitchen, bringing timeless style and effortless elegance to your home. Invite friends and family to share a meal and make memories that last a lifetime.

    Comfortably Seat 6-20 People with Ease

    Table SM27 promises plenty of space for six, plus three extension Leaves that tuck neatly away, allowing you to seat up to 20 people with ease!

    Skovby SM27 dining table available with table top in white or black laminate

    The laminate top offers a choice of legs in natural oak oil, white oil, smoked oak, black oak, or walnut natural oil. You'll love the look of the black nano laminate tabletop and oak white oil or walnut natural oil legs. If you're looking for traditional style on a smaller scale, the Skovby SM26 is perfect.
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    • Sits 6-20 people comfortably
    • Fits 1-6 leaves
    • 3 leaves store flat in the table's body assembly
    • Solid wood, veneer, and laminate surfaces available
    • Leaves are always veneer, but made to look solid if ordered with solid table
    • Always solid wood legs
    • Laminate
    • Hardwood Veneer
    • Solid Wood
    The wood we apply for manufacturing furniture is primarily harvested in well-run plantations in Europe and North America with a focus on sustainability. In these areas, they only harvest the quantity of wood equal to that which is planted yearly, ensuring the proper respect for nature and future generations.


    The color and structure of the wood vary because of the difference in growth conditions. The soil, the temperature, and the quantity of rain directly influence the appearance of the tree. A tree used for furniture has often grown for more than 100 years, i.e., for more than four generations. During this time, it has been exposed to many things to affect its appearance and enhance its unique diversity.


    After cutting down the tree, the log is cut into planks and divided into boards. The appearance of the panels depends on where in the log they are cut from.


    Wood has knots. This is not a flaw but simply the natural marking of where the branch was attached to the trunk. Therefore, each piece of furniture is unique as the graining, structure, and color are created – designed – by nature.

    This is precisely what makes wood so fascinating and well-suited for furniture. Minor variations in color and structure can not be considered a flaw but indicate that every single part comes from different cuttings in the log or separate trees.


    Wood is a living material that continues after the tree has fallen and is affected by the humidity in the air and temperature. The wood used for furniture production is dried and balanced with the average indoor climate - i.e., a room temperature of approx. 20 deg. C and air humidity of approx. 50%. In Denmark, the air humidity varies from the driest winter to the most humid summer between approximately 40 and 65%, which causes the moisture of the wood to change from 8 to 13% - i.e., a difference of 5%. Wood can absorb and emit moisture depending on its surroundings. As a result, wood will expand in moist periods and contract in dry ones. In other places, there may be even more significant temperature and air humidity fluctuations.

    This applies to both veneered and solid furniture, but solid furniture is sensitive to such fluctuations.

    Some wood sorts change color after unpacking. Sunlight triggers this process: the more sunlight, the more color changes. Keep your furniture from direct sunlight if you want to delay the process. To avoid markings from dishes, vases, etc., make sure to move them regularly. When supplementing your Skovby furniture, please be aware that there will be a color difference between new and previously purchased items.


    Suppose you want the extension leaves to change in color concurrently with the tabletop. In such a case, it would be best to keep your table extended with all the leaves.

    If the table is exposed to an uneven influence of light, it is a good idea once in a while to turn it 180 degrees so that both ends get equal light. Sun and heat dry out wood and may cause cracking.

    Never use indoor furniture outside. Significant deviations from the typical indoor climate may damage the furniture. Therefore, we recommend getting a hygrometer to control the air humidity. Read More
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    Skovby Furniture

    It pays to design, construct and produce furniture within the same physical environment. Working this way means Skovby achieves cohesion, which helps create a sustainable business model. That’s good for Skovby, and it’s good for the environment and for people, too!

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