Level/Level 2 Outdoor Covers

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Level/Level 2 Outdoor Covers are made specifically for the Houe Level and Level 2 Collection of products, which include modular pieces for corner seats, ottomans, chairs, and chaise long seats. The ottoman cover will also fit the Level and Level 2 Coffee Table.

  • Steel
  • Fabric
Regular cleaning should be done with a cloth and lukewarm water.
If your outdoor products need extra cleaning, a gentile detergent can be used.

If possible, outdoor products should be stored in a dry place during the winter to protect them from the elements. We do not recommend covering the furniture, since the lack of breathability might accumulate condensation on the furniture.

Powder-coated steel.

The steel is protected with a hard surface of decorative powder coat that ensures a product that lasts for many years. A zinc-rich primer is used to ensure good corrosion resistance on HOUE steel outdoor furniture. The primer makes the surface suitable for outdoor use.

If the product gets scratched or damaged, the metal will rust. This will not spread and does not degrade the product. Repair lacquer can be used after removing any rust or loose paint.


Maintaining the beauty and durability of bamboo requires proper care. Despite its tough surface, bamboo can become porous if not cared for properly. To ensure longevity, we suggest treating bamboo with outdoor furniture oil, following the application instructions carefully. Remember, moderation is key; applying too much oil can be counterproductive. Initially, oil the bamboo upon use, then repeat this process 3-4 times annually.

Houe bamboo products are treated with both fungicide and oil during manufacturing to mitigate material decay. However, exposure to sunlight and weather can still cause fading over time. Regular maintenance, including oiling and cleaning, will extend the lifespan of bamboo furniture.

Avoid using covers on bamboo tables to allow the natural material to breathe. Covering may lead to condensation, fostering mold and fungi growth. If mold or fungi appear as black or brown spots, promptly remove them. Like any outdoor material, bamboo is susceptible to environmental fungi and spores, necessitating vigilant upkeep.
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"Does design really matter? Perhaps not – but for me, it’s essential. It gives me a thrill to design forms and functions that are capable of moving people passionately and opening up new possibilities."
"Passion for design is in my mind, soul, and heart, wherever I go."
"And my main inspiration is neo-Scandinavian design, influenced by the vibes of London and the humor of Amsterdam, often with elements of fusion, resulting in materials and functions being combined in new and original ways, while always striving for a pure and simple look."

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HOUE is a Danish design house founded in 2007. We combine great comfort and design in our work. Therefore, we always put a lot of effort into our product development, striving to meet a high standard of craftsmanship.
Our products are manufactured only in well-established factories with whom we have worked closely for several years. Our products are not random mass production – every detail, joint, or component in our furniture is thoroughly chosen or invented by our experienced HOUE team to make a unique product.
We are driven by affordable luxury as a philosophy by choosing the right materials and solutions. We draw from a proud heritage of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with mass appeal.
HOUE offers both an outdoor and indoor collection that always meets high standards in design, price, and quality.

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