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Seat Depth 17.5"
Seat Width 17.5"
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Style, comfort & utility come together with Cinto, a stackable office chair that breaks the number one rule for stacking chairs: it’s comfortable. Like Humanscale’s ergonomic task chairs, Cinto was built to support the human body by minimizing pressure points and discomfort.

About the Design

Developed in the Humanscale Design Studio by a global team of designers and engineers, Cinto puts comfort first. As well as offering unrivaled support in a streamlined aesthetic, its lightweight recycled construction makes carrying and storing the stackable chair effortless. Thanks to an innovative ergonomic design and floating backrest technology, Cinto supports the sitter’s lower back, offering automatic lumbar support unlike any other stackable office chair.

What is a Net Positive Product?

Cinto is Living Product Certified, meeting the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria. This means that Cinto is climate, water, and energy positive. Every time we make these products, the planet is better off. With a mission to create a healthier world, we are proud that over 60% of our products are certified net positive.
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Stacking Convenience

With a built-in handle, Cinto can be easily carried and stowed. Small offices can save space by stacking six freestanding Cinto chairs together or up to 15 with the optional Cinto Dolly.

Style, Comfort, and Utility

Cinto features an innovative backrest that reclines and automatically adjusts lumbar support, plus a seat pan design that uniquely distributes the sitter’s weight to reduce pressure points. Available in an array of colors, Cinto complements any residential or commercial interior.

Environmentally Conscious

Made from lightweight recyclable materials, Cinto’s design also helps to reduce shipping weight and create a smaller carbon footprint. Proven to be environmentally sound, Cinto is certified by GREENGUARD and level® and contributes to valuable LEED credits.
  • Built-in handle allows for easy travel and storage. Up to six freestanding Cintos can be stacked together, or up to 15 with the optional Cinto Dolly.
  • Innovative backrest provides recline and automatically adjusting lumbar support, plus a seat pan design that distributes your weight evenly to reduce pressure points.
  • Not only is Cinto Net Positive for environmental impact, it’s also certified by GREENGUARD and level®, and contributes to valuable LEED credits.
"We carefully and constantly evaluate our impact on the Earth. Our approach to product development and manufacturing embodies our mission to minimize our impacts. The best designs in the world achieve more with less, so we act accordingly. Humanscale products prioritize simplicity, which is apparent in their forms.

We use fewer parts in constructing our products, and we use recyclable materials such as aluminum and steel to limit the potential impact. In particular, our task chairs use a sophisticated weight-sensitive recline mechanism that offers intuitive functionality, reducing the number of knobs, levers, and parts required to make the chair work. Our environmental philosophy is taken into account at every stage of product development through our Design For Environment process. The Durability and Upgradeability of products are also considered - we build products to last, so they will only need to be replaced sometimes.

Our product design is only the beginning of our environmental sustainability efforts. We also examine our supply chain, manufacturing facilities, showrooms, and offices to evaluate our evolution in minimizing impact. We monitor our greenhouse gas emissions, waste, energy use, and other key metrics that indicate our progress.

On a global level, Humanscale is a member of the U.N. Global Compact, which aligns businesses with common goals of improving labor conditions, protecting human rights, preventing anti-corruption practices, and promoting environmental efforts. We are also committed to responsible sourcing of raw materials. Our policy is to refrain from sourcing minerals from conflict mines in or around the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our Zero Waste Policy

Our Zero Waste policy targets 100% waste diversion by the year 2030. In 2020, we achieved 90% landfill waste diversion for all factories globally and set a target of at least a 1% improvement until 2030. So far, we have already exceeded this goal. As of 2022, we are diverting more than 93% of all waste from landfills. Waste audits are performed monthly at each global facility to refine our process and improve diversion efficiency continually.

Achieving TRUE Certification

In 2022, Humanscale became the only furniture manufacturer awarded TRUE® Gold and Silver certifications for all factories globally. TRUE® stands for Total Resource Use and Efficiency and is administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) to help facilities define, pursue, and achieve zero waste goals while becoming more resource efficient. You can learn more about TRUE Certification here."
  • Weigh less and require less raw material
  • Ship as efficiently as possible
  • Have timeless design and durable construction so they have to be replaced less frequently
  • Contains recycled content
  • Lightweight, reducing carbon footprint in shipping
  • Quick and easy to disassemble with clear recycling guidelines
  • Easily replaceable components
  • Humanscale will assist the owner to ensure Cinto is disposed of for the highest level of reuse
  • Certified by GREENGUARD and BIFMA level®
  • Can earn points toward LEED Certification in a number of areas
See the manuals tab below for product care and guidelines on all Humanscale products
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Humanscale's award-winning office solutions, including self-adjusting seating, sit/stand desks, monitor arms, and task lighting, inspire movement and support the user in every posture.

The Humanscale Design Studio, based in New York City, abides by the philosophy that good design achieves more with less. Function, simplicity, longevity, and sustainability are at the core of all their designs. When thinking through the design and manufacturing of each product, they carefully consider the materials and resources used to create an overall Net Positive impact.

Humanscale is known for its history of collaboration with the legendary designer Niels Diffrient, who designed many of their task chairs, including the iconic Freedom chair -- the first self-adjusting chair without manual knobs and levers. Humanscale partners with other esteemed industrial designers, including Don Chadwick and Todd Bracher. Their innovations have been honored with more than 200 prestigious awards since 2007 and featured in various museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art.

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