Humanscale Freedom Headrest Chair

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Width 22", 27.25"
Height 41.5", 46"
Depth 23"
Seat Height 16", 21"
Seat Depth 20"
Seat Width 22"
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With an innovative recline mechanism that provides constant support and a pivoting backrest that automatically adjusts to the needs of the spine, the Freedom chair delivers exceptional comfort and promotes movement throughout the day. Its refined and sculpted cushions were designed to mimic the body’s natural contours and decrease pressure point loads for premium comfort. Like all Humanscale chairs, the Freedom chair was designed to look and function like new after years of consistent use.

    Standard Duron Arms

    • Revolutionary armrests move in tandem to eliminate uneven arm positioning
    • Natural lift and release action for immediate repositioning without button or locks
    • 6” range of vertical motion to accommodate all users and tasks
    • Can be positioned below thigh level for close table or desk work
    • Attached to backrest so arms stay in same relation to body during recline
    • Duron cover for superb comfort and durability

    Standard Duron Arms with Textile Cover

    • Same features as above and covered in the same textile and color as the seat and back cushions.

    Advanced Duron Arms

    • Same height adjustment features as Standard Duron Arms
    • Features lateral motion to push armrests outward/inward
    • Armrest automatically remains in the same position you last put it in
    • No additional locks or buttons required

    Advanced Duron Arms with Textile Cover

    • Same features as above and covered in the same textile and color as the seat and back cushions.

    Dynamic Headrest

    • The position-sensitive headrest moves into place when you recline and out of the way when you sit upright
    • 5” vertical adjustment to fit all users
    • Moves in the natural arc of the head/neck for perfect support through a range of recline
    • Contoured to cradle the head and neck in comfort

    Self-Adjusting Recline

    • The intelligent counter-balance recline mechanism automatically provides the right support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of user size and weight.
    • No tension springs to adjust
    • No recline locks to set/release
    • The angle between the torso and legs opens up for better body function during reclining.
    • The user maintains a near-constant eye level during recline.

    Pivoting Backrest

    • Extra motion of the backrest during recline automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the spine.
    • Provides up to 1” additional lumbar support when needed

    Synchronous Armrests

    • Revolutionary armrests move in tandem to eliminate uneven arm positioning
    • Natural lift and release action for immediate repositioning without buttons or locks
    • 6” range of vertical motion to accommodate all users and tasks
    • Can be positioned below thigh level for close to table or desk work
    • Attached to the backrest, so arms stay in the same relation to body during recline
    • Duron arm pad for durability and comfort

    Caster Options

    • 2.5” soft double-wheel casters for hard floors
    • Non-rolling glides available for fixed-location use
    • 2.5” locking casters

    Frame Options

    • Die-cast polished aluminum with fused plastic
    • Fused plastic graphite finish

    Cylinder Options

    • Provides seat height range that accommodates 95% of the population
    • Low cylinder for small users
    • Tall cylinder for very tall users
    • High cylinder with foot ring for higher work surfaces (draft tables, countertops)


    • Carefully sculpted to match body contours
    • Increased contact area reduces pressure points
    • Modular for easy replacement
    • Molded polyurethane foam cushions
    • Optional arm pads and seat have a top layer of Technogel®
    • Upholstered with a variety of materials customized to the unique form of the cushion

    Gel Seat Cushion

    • Non-degradable, non-compressible Technogel® layer on top of foam core
    • Provides maximum pressure distribution
    • Offers unmatched, long-term comfort
    Details Image
    Niels Diffrient ingeniously integrated your body weight and the principles of physics to replace conventional locks, knobs, and springs found in older generation chairs. This engineering marvel allows seamless transitions between positions, ensuring that the chair feels tailor-made for whoever occupies it, offering unparalleled comfort and support.

    Humanscale's innovative synchronous arms are meticulously crafted to enable users to effortlessly adjust their arm support with just one hand.

    The Freedom Headrest provides dynamic support for the head and neck, adjusting effortlessly as users recline. This intuitive design moves in harmony with the sitter, ensuring seamless comfort in every position without the need for manual adjustments.

    • Available in leather, vinyl, and fabric
    • Performance fabrics available from Kvadrat
    • Only chrome-free, vegetable dyed leather
    • Available with or without arms
    • Adjustable Duron arms with 6" of adjustable height
    • All Duron arms have 0.5" adjustable intervals
    • Polished aluminum and graphite colored frame
    • Molded polyurethane or gel seat
    • Standard, adjustable task chair height
    • Hard, soft, locking casters available
    • Glides available in place of casters
    • Cylinder height options
    • Weight: 38 lbs. with arms, 34 lbs. without arms
    • Base width: 25"
    • Certified to 400 lbs.
    The Freedom Headrest has earned Living Product Certification, surpassing stringent sustainable manufacturing standards. This certification ensures that the Freedom Headrest is beneficial to climate, water, and energy conservation efforts. Each production cycle contributes positively to the planet's well-being. With a commitment to fostering a healthier world, we take pride in having over 60% of our products certified as net positive.

    Its materials are free of harmful chemicals, is made with post-consumer recycled content, and produced in TRUE Zero Waste facilities. Each Freedom chair produced leaves the world better off by positively impacting energy, water, and carbon in the environment.
    • Each Freedom Headrest has a net benefit of 6kg CO2 eq, or what a car emits over 16 miles.
    • Each Freedom Headrest has a net benefit of 17 gallons of water.
    • Each Freedom Headrest has a net benefit of 24 kWh of energy. This amount could charge nearly 2,000 smartphones.
    • Freedom Headrest is made with 19% post-consumer and 15% pre-consumer recycled content.
    • Freedom is vetted for over 20 harmful chemical classes to ensure it is safe over the course of its life cycle.
    With a certification for up to 400 lbs of weight, the Freedom chair surpasses its counterparts by a significant margin. This indicates that every component is more robust, reducing the probability of failure and ensuring durability for decades of heavy-duty usage.

    A gas cylinder kept clean offers superior reliability compared to conventional cylinders. In contrast to typical chairs, Humanscale's patented design encloses grease within the lower unit, safeguarding both the user and the chair.

    The arm supports, designed with multiple layers for enhanced comfort, incorporate materials that are softer yet five times more durable than those found in standard arms.
    Please check the manuals tab below to access the .pdf file for guidance on caring for your Humanscale furniture.
    Designer Image

    Niels Diffrient

    Niels Diffrient (1928–2013) was a visionary industrial designer renowned for his innovative contributions to ergonomic design. Born in 1928 in the United States, Diffrient's career spanned over six decades. He was particularly acclaimed for his focus on human-centered design principles, striving to create products that seamlessly melded form and function.

    Diffrient's pioneering work in ergonomic seating revolutionized the design of office chairs, emphasizing comfort, support, and adaptability to the human body. His designs, characterized by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, have left an indelible mark on the field of industrial design.

    Throughout his career, Diffrient collaborated with leading companies such as Knoll, Humanscale, and Sunar, producing iconic designs that have garnered numerous awards and accolades. His commitment to improving the user experience through thoughtful and empathetic design continues to influence designers worldwide.

    Niels Diffrient's legacy extends beyond his tangible creations; he remains a revered figure in the design community, revered for his humanistic approach and unwavering dedication to enhancing the interaction between people and products.

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    Humanscale Humanscale's award-winning office solutions, including self-adjusting seating, sit/stand desks, monitor arms, and task lighting, inspire movement and support the user in every posture. The Humanscale Design Studio, based in New York City, abides by the philosophy that good design achieves more with less. Function, simplicity, longevity, and sustainability are at the core of all their designs. When thinking through the design and manufacturing of each product, they carefully consider the materials and resources used to create an overall Net Positive impact. Humanscale is known for its history of collaboration with the legendary designer Niels Diffrient, who designed many of their task chairs, including the iconic Freedom chair -- the first self-adjusting chair without manual knobs and levers. Humanscale partners with other esteemed industrial designers, including Don Chadwick and Todd Bracher. Their innovations have been honored with more than 200 prestigious awards since 2007 and featured in various museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art.

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    Textiles & Cushions – Five years of single shift use; All other components – 15 years 24/7 use

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