Fjords Venice Large Swing Relaxer Power

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The first five swatches are quick-ship options and ship in 2-3 weeks or less. They include Soft Line Leathers: Storm, Cigar, Blue.

Storm SL 247

Cigar SL 254

Blue SL 291

Black NL 101

Forest NL 102

Havana NL 120

Sandel NL 121

Cappuccino NL 128

Walnut NL 129

Stone NL 130

Granite NL 131

Dove NL 132

Fog NL 133

Navy NL 192

Black SL 201

Green SL 202

Shadow Grey SL 205

Tigereye SL 208

Vanilla SL 213

Hassel SL 224

Nougat SL 225

Grey SL 227

Latte SL 229

Mocha SL 241

Ice SL 244

Java SL 245

Pure White SL 246

Chili SL 248

Seagreen SL 265

Black AL 510

Tabasco AL 525

Latte AL 529

Safari AL 539

Slate AL 543
  • Cow hide
  • Top-grain leather
  • Semi-aniline dyed

Vintage Cognac AL 545

Ivory AL 546

Graphite AL 547

Tan AL 552

Brown AL 553

Whiskey AL 554

Martini Olive AL 555

Cement AL 578
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Width 33.25"
Height 44.25"
Depth 38"
Seat Height 19.5"
Seat Depth 23.25"
Appointed delivery window Outside delivery to the threshold or main entrance of the residence/business (first dry area ground level) Signature required

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The Fjords Venice Large Swing Relaxer Power, featuring a motorized angled headrest, ensures an ergonomic seating experience while providing optimal lower back support. This versatile recliner, available in all Fjords leathers and fabrics, offers swiveling, gliding, and rocking functions for enhanced comfort.
  • Power adjustable headrest angle
  • Power adjustable angle backrest/footrest
  • Semi-wall-hugging - requires only 14" from the wall to fully recline
  • Cold cured molded foam cushions
  • Engineered Steel frame and no-sag springs
  • 170° swivel
  • All top grain leathers
  • Also available in fabric - please contact us for options

Nordic Line

Nordic Line is a fully protected top-grain leather that undergoes careful processing to ensure a finished product that is more resistant to liquids and sunlight. This treatment also protects Nordic Line leather from stains and minor wear while reducing everyday maintenance to an absolute minimum. A perfect choice for heavily used furniture.

Soft Line

Soft Line has a unique softness and natural feeling for added comfort. Soft Line leather is treated with a delicate, protective finish that protects against stains and improves resistance to liquids. Soft Line is an ideal solution for families that want to enjoy the pleasure of quality leather furniture without having to alter everyday routines to maximize their furniture's life.

Astro Line

Astro Line is a semi-aniline dyed leather. Semi-aniline is a partially dyed-through leather with added surface pigments. These pigments are applied to the natural leather to even out tones, mask blemishes, and make it more resistant to liquids. Compared to pure aniline leather, semi-aniline leathers offer improved resistance to spills and environmental factors. Astro Line leather is slightly thicker than other furniture leather while maintaining a natural softness and excellent resistance to wear and tear.
  • Leather
For nurturing and keeping leather more resistant to stains, a protection cream should be applied to all leather surfaces of your new Fjords® Relax Recliner. In addition to regularly removing stains as they occur, we recommend a maintenance cleaning and moisturization of the leather at least every 3-4 months on recliners used for 2-3 hours daily. Clean and protect leather recliners more often with heavier use.
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Fjords by Hjellegjerde

For over 80 years, Fjords® has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of luxury furniture. Two brothers Otto and Mindor Hjellegjerde, started the whole thing in the fjord-side districts of Norway.

In 1946, a third brother, Ingvald, joined the business. Thanks to a burning commitment and great skill, they managed to build a business that became one of Norway’s largest furniture groups. They have gone from being a small family business located in modest cellar premises to where they are today - a company with market shares on five continents.

Sophisticated engineering and design can be found in all aspects of Fjords products. They are the culmination of decades of studying the human body and how it reacts to movement while keeping consistent with our focus on craftsmanship and designing attractive products.

Always look for the official Fjords logo on all our products to ensure that you are experiencing authentic Fjords comfort and relaxation.

It’s important for your body to be truly comfortable; the chair you choose needs to be more than just a soft place to sit. An ergonomically correct chair will provide continuous support and comfort which will prevent your legs and back from becoming tired.

Such a chair will relax your body, enabling your blood to circulate more freely. As your back relaxes, your spine is gently supported in the right places and at the correct angle.

The main key to our philosophy is to find the combination between tradition and innovation, the point where yesterday’s knowledge meets modern technology. This makes us reliable and trustworthy, from product quality to delivery. Like the ocean, we constantly move towards the goal, and like the mountains, we will always have our roots in the past.

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Three-year warranty on all Relax Collection reclining mechanisms and power components.

Five-year warranty on all molded foam, wood components, gas cylinders, and cables. Molded cushions are warranted against collapsing for five years. Loss of foam resiliency should not be confused with softening of foam which results from normal usage.

Two-year warranty on all leather and fabric covers. This applies only to manufacturer defects in upholstery and not general wear and tear or damages caused by the user. It does not warrant against soiling, especially when caused by sweat and other body fluids or fade and color loss.

Please see the care and maintenance section of this page to keep your leather clean and moisturized.

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