Edge Tray Table

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Height 19.75", 17", 14.5"
Diameter 18.25", 24.5", 30"
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EDGE tray table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The half ring shaped handle makes it easy to move the table between the living room and the garden, and when laid down it functions as a table edge making sure everything stays in place.

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Powder coated steel tabletop and frame
  • Steel
Regular cleaning should be done with a cloth and lukewarm water. If your outdoor products need extra cleaning, an auto shampoo can be used. Please follow the instructions on the bottle. If possible, outdoor furniture should be stored in a dry place during the winter to protect it from the elements. We do not recommend covering the furniture since the lack of breathability might accumulate condensation on the furniture. Please avoid using any harsh detergents or solvents when cleaning the product.
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Roee Magdassi

Roee Magdassi resides and practices his craft in Tel Aviv, a vibrant Mediterranean hub blending European and Middle Eastern influences. His creations draw from a diverse tapestry of traditions, infusing his work with a distinctive fusion of contemporary art and minimalist architectural principles.

Roee's designs are distinguished by their clean lines, geometric precision, and dynamic graphic motifs. His passion lies in exploring the interplay between individuals and the objects that punctuate their everyday lives.

Driven by a quest to imbue practicality with personality, Roee seeks to craft designs that resonate on a deeply personal level, exuding both desirability and whimsy, evoking smiles in their users.

Having earned his degree with honors from the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Roee brings a wealth of academic rigor and creative insight to his practice.

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HOUE is a Danish design house founded in 2007. We combine great comfort and design in our work. Therefore, we always put a lot of effort into our product development, striving to meet a high standard of craftsmanship.
Our products are manufactured only in well-established factories with whom we have worked closely for several years. Our products are not random mass production – every detail, joint, or component in our furniture is thoroughly chosen or invented by our experienced HOUE team to make a unique product.
We are driven by affordable luxury as a philosophy by choosing the right materials and solutions. We draw from a proud heritage of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with mass appeal.
HOUE offers both an outdoor and indoor collection that always meets high standards in design, price, and quality.

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