Linn One Drawer Nightstand

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Width 19.75"
Height 22.5"
Depth 19.5"
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The Copeland Furniture Linn Nightstand is a stunning blend of craftsmanship, sustainability, and timeless design. Crafted from your choice of solid cherrywood, walnut, or oak, this dresser epitomizes natural beauty and versatility.

Crafted with Precision: Each Copeland Furniture Linn Nightstand is meticulously handcrafted in Vermont, USA, ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail. Skilled artisans transform larger woodcuts from other Copeland pieces into an exquisite, upcycled dresser.

Sustainable Elegance: At Copeland Furniture, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment. The Linn Bedroom stands as a testament to their dedication to eco-conscious practices. By upcycling woodcuts, Copeland minimizes waste and reduces environmental impact. Rest assured that your choice contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Elevate your bedroom with the Copeland Furniture of Vermont Linn Single Drawer Nightstand. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of your commitment to quality, sustainability, and enduring style. Choose your wood, choose your finish, and choose the future of your home.

Protective Finishing: The Linn Nighstand is finished with a premium lacquer that not only enhances its beauty but also ensures long-lasting durability. This protective finish guards against daily wear and tear while allowing the wood's natural characteristics to shine through. Versatile and Timeless: The Copeland Furniture Linn Single Drawer Nightstand fits seamlessly into any room, whether you prefer modern, rustic, or traditional aesthetics. Its clean lines and quality craftsmanship are designed to stand the test of time. Enhanced Convenience: The Copeland Furniture of Vermont Linn Nightstand offers a touch of modern luxury with soft-close drawer glides. These glides ensure that your drawers close quietly and gently, preventing any abrupt slamming and adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily routine.
Natural Beauty, Your Way: Whether you appreciate the warmth of cherrywood, the richness of walnut, or the classic charm of oak, the Linn Dresser offers you a choice. Select the wood species that best suits your style and space. You can also opt for a natural finish that preserves the wood's organic beauty or a natural-looking finish that maintains the wood's aesthetics while providing extra protection. Greenguard Certified for Health and Sustainability: Your health and well-being are our priorities. The Linn Dresser is Greenguard certified for low chemical emissions, which means it meets stringent standards for indoor air quality. This certification guarantees that your dresser is not only a stylish addition to your home but also a healthy one, free from harmful emissions that can impact your living environment.
  • Made with solid American Cherry, American Black Walnut, or American White Oak
  • Soft-close, full-extension drawer glides
  • Slide-locking hardware makes removing and re-inserting drawers simple
  • Made from upcycled wood in Bradford, Vermont, USA
  • GREENGUARD Certified Finish for low chemical emissions

Green Furniture

Preservation and stewardship are values that run deep in Vermont. There is immense pride in the quality of the environment and the natural beauty that surrounds Copeland. Here are some of the ways that Copeland's environmental values are reflected in each piece of furniture that they make:

The lumber used comes from the American Northern Forest, much of it within 500 miles of Copeland's factory, consuming less energy in transporting raw material to the factory. An independent research study,* commissioned by the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and conducted by a team of international experts confirms that:

1. U.S. hardwoods derive from legal and well managed forests. Hardwood procured from anywhere in the hardwood states could be considered Low Risk in all five Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) controlled wood risk categories.
2. There exists, a low risk that U.S. hardwoods are produced from controversial sources as defined in the Chain of Custody standard of the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).
3. The U.S. hardwood-producing region can be considered low risk for illegal and non-sustainable hardwood sourcing as a result of public and private regulatory and non-regulatory programs.

Award Winning

Copeland Furniture was awarded Silver Exemplary Membership Status by Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), joining only a handful of companies to have been awarded this prestigious distinction for proven performance in meeting a range of specific sustainability measures.

Copeland is Sponsored by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA), the award program was launched to recognize environmental accomplishments within the home furnishings industry.

Commitment To Sustainability

Copeland uses a post-catalyzed conversion varnish that is GREENGUARD Certified for low chemical emissions as the default finish option on all of our products. GREENGUARD certification is a testing program of UL (Underwriters Laboratory) focusing on the issue of indoor air quality.

With more than 1,000,000 kWh of solar production and 3,500,000 BTUs of bio-mass heat generation capacity, Copeland generate 95% of their own energy, onsite. Based on figures provided by the EPA’s eGRID, their two solar installations offset over 1.5 million pounds of CO2 emissions annually.

While the environmental impact of the Copeland factory and the environmental cost of the furniture built for you is among the lowest, Copeland is not standing still. They continue to work to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions. Reduced packaging material purchases with the installation of a box making machine allows them to make only what is needed. Copeland recycles all packaging waste and have reduced their reliance on landfill disposal. They now heat their building completely with wood waste from the manufacturing operation further reducing the consumption of imported oil.
  • Wood
  • Solid Wood


Skilled craftspeople attend to each piece of Copeland furniture, ensuring that the joinery is solid, surfaces are sanded smooth, and the finish is exquisite.

Perfect dovetail cuts, edge shapes, hole drills, and other intricate processes are executed with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining centers. Copeland craftspeople combine this state-of-the-art technology with traditional woodworking techniques to turn out the highest quality joinery, case construction, and finishing. Creating furniture that will be enjoyed for generations.
Proper care and maintenance will ensure your furniture gives you many years of trouble-free service.

We at Hansen Interiors will always provide you the customer, with the required or suggested maintenance and care information on any product. If you have questions about proper care or maintenance, please get in touch with us.

From Copeland Furniture: Please keep the following recommendations in mind to care for and preserve the finish of your new Copeland Furniture piece. While our furniture has a durable topcoat, the surface may be sensitive to dents and abrasions during the first 30 days in your home. Treat the surface finish gently so your furniture will not dent or chip. Avoid using tape or stickers on your furniture as it could harm the finish. For general care, use a soft cloth to dust the furniture. Use a damp cloth with mild soap to clean up spills or dirt. Dry the surface thoroughly. Please do not use polishes, waxes, or solvents to clean the furniture's surface. That holds for new Copeland Furniture pieces and items you may already have in your home. Please do not place any candles directly on the surface of your furniture. The perfumes and dyes in the candles may penetrate the finish.
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Copeland Furniture

Since the beginning, Copeland Furniture has sought to stay loyal to its mission to produce furniture for discerning consumers who have an appreciation for good design, quality, and value.

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