American Leather Silver Sleeper Sheet Set By DreamFit

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American Leather Silver Sleeper Sheet Set Enhanced Bamboo

Experience unparalleled comfort and wellness with this exclusive sheet set, specially designed for the American Leather Silver Sleeper sofa. Crafted with the finest materials, the sheets combine the moisture-managing properties of bamboo viscose with the strength and luxury of extra-long staple cotton.

Indulge in a blissful night's sleep as the cooling performance of bamboo keeps you refreshed throughout the night. The innovative blend ensures optimal temperature regulation, allowing you to rest comfortably in any season.

Feel the difference with the supremely soft sheets, offering a level of comfort you've never experienced before. Elevate your sleep experience with the perfect combination of bamboo's cooling benefits and the plushness of high-quality cotton.

Invest in your sleep and transform your Silver Sleeper sofa into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Upgrade to the bamboo-enhanced sheet set today and discover the ultimate in comfort and quality.

The custom-sized percale sheet set is made specifically for your American Leather Silver Sleeper brand sofa sleeper. So, while not recommended the snug fitted sheet neatly stays on while closing your sleeper without worrying about tearing or soiling. The sheets are made in any size, from cot size to king size, so if you have a Silver Sleeper, we have the sheets for you.

  • Made in the USA
  • *Is your sleeper a queen or a queen plus? The queen plus mattress is an additional 6 inches wider and will not accept a queen sheet set.
  • *May NOT fit non-Silver Sleeper brand sleepers


Your American Leather Silver Sleeper sheet set will include:

  • Cot 30" x 80": one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, & one standard pillowcase
  • Twin 38" x 80": one fitted sheet, one flat sheet ,& one standard pillowcase 
  • Full 54" x 80": one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, & two standard pillowcases
  • Queen 60" x 80": one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, & two standard pillowcases
  • Queen Plus 66" x 80": one fitted sheet, one flat sheet,& two standard pillowcases 
  • King 76" x 80": one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, & two king pillowcases

The fitted sheet fits up to 5" sleeper mattresses.

  • 360 Elastic around the bottom of the fitted sheet allows for a more tailored secure fit.
  • FirstFit corner bands are color coded to help identify the head and the foot.
300 Thread Count

  • Viscose from bamboo adds exceptional softness, while extra-long staple cotton adds strength and durability.
  • The moisture management properties of bamboo for healthy sleep.
  • The natural cooling performance of bamboo keeps sleepers cool and comfortable.
  • Wash in cold/cool water
  • No liquid fabric softener
  • No bleach or whiteners of any kind.
  • Do not wash with other laundry items.
  • Dry on lowest heat setting, no dryer sheets.
  • Do no wash with other laundry items.

    Machine Washing

    It is strongly recommended to wash your sheets before the first use.
    Use a mild liquid detergent that does not contain any bleaching agents or fabric softeners. Bleach, whitening agents and fabrics softeners can weaken the fabrics and can change the color and texture of the sheets. Our sheets do become softer with washing and use.
    Machine wash on a gentle cycle and do not wrap sheets around the agitator.
    Wash in cold or cool temperature water. Hot water can cause shrinkage in sheets that contain cotton.
    Much like clothing, light colors and dark colors should be washed separately.
    When washing your sheets, it is important to only wash sheets with sheets. Washing with towels, jeans, items with zippers, metals and other abrasive materials can cause wear on the fabric and will decrease the lifespan of the sheets.
    It is important not to overload your washing machine to decrease the chance of unnecessary wear on the fabric.
    Some face and hair care products can lead to discoloration. Specifically, but not limited to, products that contain benzoyl peroxide.

    Machine Drying

    Natural fabrics may wrinkle, however, there are steps you can take during the laundering process that can reduce wrinkling.
    Tumble dry at the lowest heat setting, as higher heat settings can cause shrinkage of sheets that contain cotton fibers.
    Avoid overloading the dryer, so your sheets have plenty of space to evenly dry.
    Once the drying cycle is complete, immediately remove from the dryer and fold or place back on your mattress.
    You can also line dry your sheets to cut down on wrinkling, however, please be aware that the sun can cause natural bleaching on fabric.
    If you are storing your sheets, keep them in a place out of direct sunlight. Be sure to store them in a cool & dry place that has good ventilation. If you are storing your sheets for an extended period of time, the best practice is to store them in cotton (such as a pillowcase). We strongly advise against storing sheets in plastic boxes or bags; natural fibers need room to breathe.
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