Live Edge Solid Walnut Table Trestle Base

SKU: Live Edge Solid Walnut Table Trestle Base
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Live Edge
The Live Edge Solid Walnut dining table is a beautiful, raw, and entirely unique piece of furniture guaranteed to awe. Made in Canada and always made-to-order, each 1.75" thick table is as unique as the tree from which it came.
Every Live Edge Table is fully customizable. Are you in need of a six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve foot table? Do you require something smaller? Larger? Let us know - we will do everything possible to make your dream table a reality. Your options include: size, base style (see below), and base finish or color. See other Live Edge Table options.
The Live Edge Table is as versatile as your imagination. Many iterations have been made for various rooms including: dining, office, conference, and even restaurants. This item is available to view on our showroom floor. Other wood species are available. Product can be ordered with live, flat, or chamfered edge. Contact us with your inquiries.
Trestle Base
The trestle table base is not just a base, or a "table leg." In solid walnut, it's visual balance is modified by contrasting sapwood and heartwood alike. Unlike many bases, a trestle base takes up little space, and allows maximum leg comfort. You won't have to wear shin guards at this table!Live Edge Walnut EdgeLive Edge Walnut FinishLive Edge Walnut CorkscrewLive Edge Walnut ZipperLive Edge Walnut Bench Trestle[/cs_content_seo]
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