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Skovby Furniture


Skovby Furniture is Functionality

Skovby was founded in 1933 by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. He laid the foundation for sustainable and functional furniture design. Th. Rasmussen had vision, a strong work ethic and professional pride. That proud tradition was handed down to Thorvald’s son, Villy, and then to Thorvald’s grandsons, Preben and Jorgen Rasmussen. Today, Skovby is a successful, international, high-tech business, run by the Rasmussen brothers. It looks a lot different than the original one-man workshop started by their grandfather. However, Skovby Furniture’s foundation is the same as it was in 1933. Skovby’s driving principles of passion and function have carried through three generations of cabinetmakers, and remains the same today.

Skovby Furniture is Innovation

It pays to design, construct and produce furniture within the same physical environment. Working this way means Skovby achieves cohesion, which helps create a sustainable business model. That’s good for Skovby, and it’s good for the environment and for people, too!

The road from raw materials to finished product is short. Skovby Furniture sources many raw materials from neighboring areas. Everything that is available locally, is obtained and used locally. Raw materials are not transported needlessly between locations for production. Skovby Furniture products are developed under one roof, in Denmark, through close interaction between cabinetmakers, technicians and the company architect. Together, they strive to reach new heights with innovative, multi-functional, and lasting designs.