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Nielaus has developed furniture that is not just furniture you sit in - it is furniture you live with.

To achieve that goal, nothing was left to chance, neither in material selection nor the manufacturing process.

Nielaus' consistent focus is on quality and design with the best Danish craft traditions. Made by experienced and talented seamsters, carpenters, and upholsterers, each build is considered a unique piece of furniture. A piece of furniture where good craftsmanship and beautiful design can be enjoyed every day.

The story of Nielaus begins in 1959 with the founding of upholstery manufacturer, Jeki Møbler, A/S. Fourteen years later, in 1973, two Jeki employees, Nielsen and Lauersen, decide to venture out on their own, starting their own furniture company, and Nielaus is born. Though the name may sound German, it is a blending of its founders’ two names, Nielsen and Lauersen, and is as Danish as the country in which it was born.

Through the years, other companies, such as the original, Jeki Møbler; Holstebro; and AP; were merged into Nielaus, continuing the Scandinavian traditions of pride in good design and fine quality handcraft. Today, 30 employees work at Nielaus, creating the kind of Scandinavian quality and design upon which the company was founded, using only the best materials, as they have for more than 50 years.