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A lot has changed since Eilersen’s story began back in 1895, but their founding principle has always stayed the same: to bring beauty and comfort to your world.


To create the best of what is possible, the unique and at the same time the ultimate upholstery quality sofa or product.


Quality can’t be tested online. It’s even difficult to test it in a store. True quality reveals itself after years of use.

Eilersen combines the best materials with a proud tradition for craftsmanship in every product we make.


Once upon a time, in a kingdom by the sea, there lived a young man, who was exceptionally good with his hands. In spite of his humble age, he had known all his life that one day he would show the world that those hands were capable of. His name was Niels Eilersen, he lived in a village called Stensby, and the kingdom was Denmark.

In 1895 the young Niels Eilersen started out as a coach builder. To make his wheels, he was the first person in Denmark to use steam to bend wood. And when cars eventually ran horse-drawn carriages off the road, Eilersen started making handmade bodies for cars and busses. Eilersen soon became industry leaders in building automobile frameworks, when in 1934 their factory burned to the ground. With the world at the brink of war, beech wood was about the only thing in unlimited supply. Cars stool still, and a market for ready made furniture was budding.

Post war economies called for moderate measures. Early models were modest spindle backs made of beech, and then came runners which led to rocking chairs. Eilersen #4, a hardwood modular sofa with loose cushions, started to sell like hot cakes. It was time for a new generation to spread its wings at Eilersen. Jens, the oldest son took control of the company. His brother Peter was in charge of sales and procurement. The Stratos sofa was the first sofa designed exclusively by Jens Juul Eilersen. Three new designs were presented in rapid succession at international furniture shows. Jens had struck a chord with a mindful and discerning audience.

Today, Jens keeos turning out new designs, Jens’ eldest son Anders controls worldwide sales, and Nils is head of marketing, production and procurement. Together they share an innate belief that if you give your utmost, you can make the best sofa in the world. Somebody has to do it, as Niels Eilersen would have said.