Designer Profile

Domus Licht


DOMUS-Licht zum Wohnen is a creative lighting manufacturer from Germany’s western uplands that uses traditional craftsmanship to produce lights for private and commercial use.

DOMUS is known for lights made from natural materials. Selected woods such as oak or walnut, exquisite fabrics, and wool are combined with the latest lighting technology.

Technical innovations are created in passionate collaborations with renowned designers and design firms, contemporary lights in a modern design. As a result, every light is created with high-quality craftsmanship and technical innovations at the forefront.

DOMUS lights charmingly enrich the personal furnishing style in a residential setting and make the rooms extremely cozy – or “hyggelig,” as the Danes say.

DOMUS lights also contribute to an expressive design within the commercial sector. It wouldn’t be a surprise to find DOMUS lighting in well-designed hotels, restaurants, or office environments. DOMUS takes great pride in the fantastic design, first-class artistry, pleasant light, and well-thought-out construction in every light.