Bdi sequel lift standing desk

The Standing, Sitting, and everything-in-between desk

Sequel Lift by BDI USA®

Work Smart, Work Healthy

The Best of Both Worlds

The dangers of sitting for long stretches of time have come into focus recently, with extended periods of sitting leading to increased risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and back pain. Meanwhile, studies have shown that extended periods on your feet can lead to other problems such as swollen ankles, varicose veins and knee & joint pain.

The Lift Desk is the best of both worlds. The desk’s adjustable height allows you to keep yourself in motion with periods of sitting and standing throughout the workday. Combining beautiful styling, thoughtful engineering and ergonomic design, the sit+stand desk provides the versatility and movement that every workday requires.

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Sequel Lift Desk Video

The Sequel Lift Standing Desk combines innovation and impeccable styling to create a one-of-a-kind workspace.

Work Has Its Ups and Downs

Features of Quality

A Smooth Character

This highly durable tempered glass surface has an unbelievably soft finish. Impressive to the touch, it provides protection from dings, scratches - even fingerprints.

Programmable Digital Keypad

Find the most comfortable positions for sitting and standing and store them with the keypad’s four height memory presets. Next time, the perfect position is just a touch away

Power Management

Keep cables and connections neatly organized by positioning a power strip (not included) under the desktop. Recessed channels not only manage wire draping, but keep them neatly out of view.

Stay Organized

Generous openings keep wiring neatly organized. Reusable cable ties are even supplied, keeping everything secure so you can focus on your productivity, not your cabling.

Space To Spare

The optional storage drawer 6059 keeps office supplies close at hand, yet tucks neatly away when not in use. Lined with a nonslip material, contents are kept secure until needed. Compatible with Sequel Lift Desk 6052 only.

Monitor Mount Compatible

Add a third-party monitor arm to lift your screen off of the desktop to make full use of the work surface.

Create a Complete Office

With Endless Configurations
Combine with other Sequel Office pieces to create beautifully functional workspaces of practically any size and configuration. SHOP NOW

All BDI standing desks are part of a more extensive office collection that includes complementary storage and filing solutions to create a more complete office setup.