BDI Elements


Great Design is Elemental

The innovative and award-winning Elements collection features nature-inspired, laser-cut door designs that provide a stylish storage solution with natural airflow.

Elements Collection Options

Brandt Comfort Sleeper
3 or 4 door Width
Bryson Comfort Sleeper
Conley Comfort Sleeper
Gaines Comfort Sleeper
Charcoal Stained Ash/Walnut

Know Your Elements

Configurable with several options, finding the Elements cabinet that is best for you requires four decisions:

  • Select a cabinet size - three door or four door

  • Choose a door pattern - Wheat, Ricochet, or Tempo

  • Choose a base - Console or Media

  • Choose a finish - Natural Walnut or Charcoal Stained Ash

Choose Your Size

Door Pattern

Brandt Comfort Sleeper
TM - Tempo
Bryson Comfort Sleeper
RC - Ricochet
Conley Comfort Sleeper
WH - Wheat

Openings in the touch-latch doors permit air and sound to flow easily through the cabinet, while their perforated metal backing keeps contents out of sight. A unique computer-guided laser-cutting process creates detailed patterns in the wood door panels.


CO - Console (30.25" H)

ME - Media (28.75" H)

Choose and elegant full-length support with integrated leveler feet or the low-profile base with hidden wheel and integreted leveler feet.


CRL - Charcoal Stained Ash

WL - Natural Walnut