Hubbardton Forge Facet Table Lamp

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Suggestive of a fine-cut gem, the Hubbardton Forge Facet Table Lamp offers a truly unique design. The Facet floor lamp displays an interplay of steel angles and planes sure to be the crowning jewel of a well-designed space. Shaped by artisans in Vermont.

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Intended Use Indoor Dry
Great design and green design can happily co-exist to make a meaningful impact. At Hubbardton Forge, our fundamental belief is that we can make a difference if we all do our part. For over 40 years, Hubbardton Forge artisans have continued to handcraft their products, one at a time, in Castleton, Vermont. Proud and protective of our beautiful natural resources, we are dedicated to preventing waste, saving energy, and reducing our environmental footprint—acting locally and thinking globally.

Local Partnerships

Making a light footprint is important to Hubbardton Forge. We source domestically and partner with local Vermont vendors whenever possible. By working with a Vermont-based LED manufacturer, Vermont glass-blowers, and local maple wood crafters, we can illuminate our design pieces in ways never imagined. Our designers are no longer constrained to "what's available." Instead, they can work with our local vendors to have the LED or glass components designed to complement the fixtures they're creating. The proximity also allows us fast, innovative, and customized solutions. "I am delighted to be partnering with another like-minded local company. Hubbardton Forge shares the same ethos we have of crafting fine furnishings for the home right here in Vermont".—Simon Pearce

Taking the Initiative

Hubbardton Forge creates designs with energy efficiency in mind from concept through final product. Eco-friendly initiatives we've pioneered include one of the first in Vermont to use powder coating and aqueous metal cleaning. And the first to beta-test a phosphate-free bioremediation wash system called Proceco. Two Proceco machines are utilized today for all our steel and aluminum wash system needs. Recycled and conserved, the water is used to wash metals for up to a year. No waste water ever goes down the drain. The de-ionized and reverse osmosis water for washing the metals is done in-house.


As a company, we consider environmental impact at every level of our decision-making process. Recycling plays a significant role in that. We use a recycled, non-toxic, and biodegradable material named ExpandOS. This product allows us to safely package and ship many of our Vermont Modern fixtures and various glass elements. It provides a versatile, recyclable, and environmentally friendly packaging solution. All of our wooden pallets, scrap copper, aluminum, and steel are recycled or repurposed by local companies. The raw steel used to create lighting is produced from up to 100% recycled materials; even the excess heat from the ovens is captured and used to supplement the plant's heating.
In an age of mass-produced, machine-made products, at Hubbardton Forge, we make products where the craftsmanship and skill clearly show. Multiple hands touch any piece leaving our forge throughout the process of its creation. When you look at a Hubbardton Forge lighting fixture, you see the artistic achievements of a team dedicated to design. Our family of designers, engineers, and makers combines traditional craft knowledge with the latest innovative techniques to create lighting and décor for residential and commercial spaces.

Hubbardton Forge has become one of the most respected brands in the lighting industry for its innovative design. Our award-winning team of designers takes inspiration from everything they encounter. Once rendered, our engineering and forge teams translate designs into metal sculptures. This environment of collaboration among designers and engineers, welders, forgers, finishers, and others all-under-one-roof in Vermont sets our people and our work apart from the competition.
  • Hand-forged in Vermont, USA by skilled artisans
  • Designed in-house at Hubbardton Forge

All fixtures must be off when cleaning or polishing.

Painted or Slumped Glass: Gently wipe the surface of the glass with a soft, damp cloth. Never scrub, use an abrasive, or any solvent-based cleaning products. You may use warm water to clean the glass. Air dry.

Art or Blown Glass: Gently wipe the surface of the glass with a soft, damp cloth. Never scrub or use an abrasive. You may also use warm water or glass cleaner. Air dry.

Indoor Finishes: Use a dry soft cloth for dusting purposes. Do not use heavy cleaners; this could damage the powder coating on your finish.

Outdoor Finishes: Methods for cleaning the powder coat finish depends on the surface soil characteristics. Use water, mild soap, or detergent with a sponge or soft cloth for light surface soils. A mild solvent, such as mineral spirits, can remove grease, sealants, or caulking compounds for medium to heavy soils. Always spot test on a hidden area to ensure no coating damage or staining occurs from cleaning materials.

Microsuede, Flax, and Linen Shades: Use a soft, dry cloth or a “feather duster” to remove any dust accumulation. Do not apply any fabric cleaner or water to the fabric on the shade; doing so could permanently damage the fabric.

Spun Amber and Spun Frost Shades: Gently wash with mild, soapy warm water. Do not use anything abrasive on the shades as it may damage the fibers. Dab the dirty area with a soft cloth.

Cork Shades: As our cork shades are made of real cork and are delicate, dry dusting is the only recommended cleaning.

Leather: Leather is a natural product; straps can have color variations and imperfections in the hides. This leather can be oiled or dyed to enhance the look. For cleaning, wipe the entire surface with a soft cloth and cool water to even out any abrasions or stains. Do not spot rub, for it will darken only that area. Occasional use of Aniline Leather Cleaner, Conditioner, & Protector, or Aniline Leather Maintenance Kit is recommended. Do not use saddle soap; household cleaners containing harsh chemicals, alcohol, or ink removers.

Brass Buckles: Brass components are unfinished and may darken over time. Brass can be brought back to a polished state by hand, but take care not to get any polishing media onto the leather straps.

Copper Accents: The unique finish on our copper accents is created by heating and oxidizing the surface of the raw copper. When dusting, gently wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth, using a spray wax if desired. A light application of paste wax once a year is desirable for extra protection and to achieve a deep, rich finish. Never scrub or use an abrasive. Never use ammonia or solvent-based cleaning products on the copper surface.

Crystal Decorations: Polish your product carefully with a soft, lint-free cloth, or clean it by hand with lukewarm water. Do not soak your crystal products in water.

Wood: Use a soft, dry cloth for dusting purposes, do not rub. Never scrub or use an abrasive solvent-based cleaning product, as this could damage the finish. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Slate: Gently wipe the surface of the slate with a soft, damp cloth, do not soak. Never scrub, use an abrasive, or use any solvent-based cleaning products. A cleaner designed specifically for natural stone or slate may be used. Air dry.

Preventative: Use coasters under all glasses, particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juices, and place hot dishes on trivets.
Spills: Immediately blot spills with a paper towel. Flush the area with a mix of warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Rinse several times. Dry the area thoroughly with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary. *Never use abrasive scrubbers or rough-woven cloths that could scratch the marble. Do not use products containing lemon, vinegar, or other acids that will dull or etch the marble surface. Stay away from scouring powders or abrasive creams and rust removers containing hydrofluoric acid; these will damage marble.

Alabaster: Use a soft, dry cloth or a “feather duster” to remove any dust accumulation. Raw alabaster should not be polished with wax or cleaned with wet or acidic cleaners.
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Hubbardton Forge

Today, we are more than 230 strong at a company that started in 1974 with two college buddies in a barn with great creative talent, passion, and a vision. Hubbardton Forge is one of the country’s oldest and largest continuously-operating commercial forges, where artisans handcraft each product to order, one at a time, in Castleton, Vermont.

We are designers and makers. We collaborate to achieve a shared vision. Based in Vermont, we can share ideas, design intent, and our goals in form and function for each piece.

We are reliable. Domestic manufacturing and sales allow for an efficient customer response time. It also keeps well-paying jobs in the U.S.A. and helps to strengthen our local economy. All our products are designed and manufactured at our facility in Castleton, VT. What does that mean for you? Reliable lead times and shipments.

Our design, manufacturing processes, and service are committed to quality. Every team member here is critical in delivering beautiful, handcrafted lighting that we’re proud to call Hubbardton Forge. It is our people who set us apart. Talented. Proud. Caring. From designers to engineers to artisans and metal crafters. We care about what we do.

We invite you “inside,” where we share what makes this American success story in manufacturing so compelling. In the end, people of passion make products with purpose.

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Hubbardton Forge products are manufactured in Vermont under the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

All Hubbardton Forge products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, subject to certain conditions and exclusions, for the lifetime of the original purchaser, in the original residential installation. This warranty is not transferable.

With the exceptions and on the conditions stated below, should any product fail, Hubbardton Forge, at our sole discretion, through an Authorized Dealer or directly, will repair or replace it with the same or a similar product free of charge.

  • Our products are handmade and therefore variations in dimensions, color and finish are normal.
  • This warranty does not apply to ordinary wear and tear, including normal fading or aging, or for damage caused by accident, lack of reasonable care, water damage, flooding, fire, explosion, earth movement (including earthquake), improper installation, improper lamping, improper input voltage, improper dimming, alteration, or abuse. This warranty does not cover damage caused by chemicals and harsh cleaners.
  • This warranty will not apply if the original bill of sale cannot be verified.
  • This warranty will not apply if parts claimed to be defective are not returned for inspection if requested by Hubbardton Forge.
  • This warranty will not apply if the product is not in possession of the original owner and installed in its original location.

The Lifetime Limited Warranty does not apply to the following:
  • The warranty does not include light bulbs (lamps) which are not products manufactured by Hubbardton Forge and are supplied by Hubbardton Forge only as a service. The following components and applications have additional warranty limitations and restrictions:
    • Glass, shades, electrical and articulating components are warranted for five (5) years. Electrical components include, but are not limited to, sockets, ballasts, drivers, integrated LED components, transformers and dimmers. Articulating components include, but are not limited to, swing arms, swivels and gears.
    • For Commercial applications, glass, shades, electrical and articulating components are warranted for two (2) years. Electrical components, include but are not limited to, sockets, ballasts, drivers, integrated LED components, transformers and dimmers. Articulating components include, but are not limited to, swing arms, swivels and gears.
    • Outdoor Coastal Finishes are warranted for 5 years if they are installed 10 miles or less from a sea coast.
  • This limited warranty applies only to fixtures purchased from an Authorized Hubbardton Forge reseller (see our website for a list of Authorized Dealers). Proof of purchase from an Authorized Dealer is required, so please retain your receipt.
  • To obtain warranty service, please contact the Authorized Dealer you purchased from.
  • In the event you cannot obtain service from the Authorized Hubbardton Forge Dealer you purchased from, please contact Hubbardton Forge directly for warranty information.
  • If you have questions about this limited warranty and/or about claims under it, you may contact us by phone at 800.826.4766 or by email at
  • This limited warranty is valid from date of shipment only for the original purchaser and is non-transferable.
  • This warranty applies only to products purchased and installed in North America.

Hubbardton Forge excludes and expressly disclaims liability for any consequential, indirect, incidental or special damages of any nature arising out of the sale, installation, maintenance, use or failure of any Hubbardton Forge product. In all events, Hubbardton Forge’s liability will be limited to no more than the purchase price paid for the product. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

No representative or employee of Hubbardton Forge is authorized to make any modification or addition to this warranty.

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