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The Luonto Flipper sleeper is a reflection of Scandinavian craftsmanship. The sofa easily converts into a sleeping surface. Fold down the back, and pull out the seat to transform a sitting surface into a bed. The sleeping surface spans armrest to armrest, working to save space in smaller room settings. Every piece of Luonto furniture is individually custom built, and bench made by Scandinavian craftsmen. Most craftsmen have over 20 years experience and several generations of families have been working with the company. Luonto is committed to use environmentally friendly, natural and recyclable raw materials from nearby areas in Finland. Its heritage is designing high quality products and at the same time ensuring that our children and our children’s children will be able to enjoy a safe, clean and diverse environment. Luonto aims to only use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, while striving to minimize its ecological footprint throughout the entire life cycle or its products. Actions taken consist of creating padding material out of recycled plastic bottles, wood waste heats their production facility, as well as recycling production waste. The Luonto Flipper sleeper is available in numerous fabric and leather options.



Luonto Furniture began in 1964, when Finnish farmer, Pentti Viitala made the most courageous decision of his life: He sold his cows, bought a truck, and began upholstering sofas in the hen house of the family farm, selling them door to door. The foundation of courage and commitment upon which… Read More
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Width 89 in
Height 35 in
Depth 40 in
Seat Height 18 in
Seat Depth 23 in
Material Choice

Fabric Grade A, Fabric Grade B, Fabric Grade C, Fabric Grade D, Fabric Grade E, Leather Grade 1000, Leather Grade 2000, Leather Grade 3000, Leather Grade 4000, Leather Grade 5000, Fabric Special Grade A

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