Siesta Classic Chair, High Back With Arms


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Elmo Rustical Black
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Nature Autumn
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LK Hjelle Siesta High Back With ArmsLK Hjelle Siesta High Back With ArmsSiesta

Siesta Classic Chair, High Back With Arms

Siesta Classic Chair, High Back With Arms is the prized design of Norwegian, Ingmar Relling. Designed in 1965, the Siesta helped open the world to Scandinavian furniture design. His chair was elegant and clean, which made it a perfect fit for then Hans Hansen Imports. Relling’s design also became well known for its sitting comfort, which helped make it a favorite here. Siesta’s fine design and quality may be why Mr. Hansen declared Siesta, “The No. 1 Gift of ‘71” in his holiday ad that year. Fine design and quality are the reasons you’ll still find Siesta Classic at Hansen Interiors today.

Ingmar Relling’s designs were simplistic, minimal, elegant and made with quality, and Siesta Classic was no exception to the rule. It has a large, soft seat and giving frame, which means it’s comfortable. Mr. Relling gave Siesta a unique base design, which makes it float in the room, even though it’s ample in size. Siesta remains an icon of design because of its unique lines and construction. Siesta Classic Chair, High Back With Arms is at Hansen Interiors today because of its look, and because of its comfort. We show both high and low back models, and the matching footstool in our showroom. Come sit, relax and enjoy. This elegant piece of history blends well in any setting, and add the footstool for even more comfort.

Just The Facts

Siesta Classic Chair, High Back With Arms Details

  • Overall Dimensions: 27.25″W x 33.5″D x 40.5″H
  • Leather Options:
    • Scott
    • Hemsen Anilin
    • Elmo Rustical
  • Wood Base and Coordinated Canvas Options
    • Lacquered Beech – natural canvas
    • Lacquered Beech – black canvas
    • Black Lacquered Beech – black canvas
    • Lacquered Oak – natural canvas
    • Lacquered Oak – black canvas
  • Made in Norway by LK Hjelle
    • Historical Note: Over the last few decades, production of Siesta Classic has been entrusted to such manufacturers as Ekornes, Westnofa, and Rybo.

Ingmar Relling

Ingmar Relling was an impassioned designer, who created a series of functional furniture designs during his long career. Today he is considered as one of the greatest contributors to the Scandinavian Design. Ingmar Relling opened his own practice in 1950, and in 1965 he designed his greatest creation: the Siesta… Read More

LK Hjelle

History LK Hjelle designs furniture with a focus on material selection and the quality of the craftsmanship. Ever since it was founded at the beginning of the 1940s, the factory, huddling between precipitous mountains and narrow fiords, has been producing functional and beautiful furniture imbued with great passion.  … Read More
More Information
Width 28.25 in
Height 40.5 in
Depth 33.5 in

Elmo Rustical Black, Elmo Rustical Brown, Elmo Rustical Dark Brown, Hemsen Anilin Black, Hemsen Anilin Brown, Hemsen Anilin Red, Hemsen Anilin Sand, Nature Autumn, Nature Black, Nature Muscat, Scott Black Ink, Scott Grey Shadow, Scott Ivory, Scott Lamb, Scott Root, Scott Volcano

Wood Choice

Beech Lacquered, Natural Canvas, Beech Lacquered, Black Canvas, Oak Lacquered, Natural Canvas, Oak Lacquered, Black Canvas, Black Lacquered Beech, Black Canvas

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