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Skovby Oil White

Skovby Oil White is based on vegetable oils. The oils will nourish the wood and maintain its appearance. Also it impregnates the wood and makes it water repellent.

How to: Sand the surface along the grain using a soft sanding sponge (grit 220). Then remove the sanding dust with a clean cloth. Apply the oil directly onto the surface in an even thin layer and rub it in gently with an uncolored cloth/sponge. After 2-3 minuets surplus oil is wiped off with a clear, dry cloth. It is very important that this is done while the surface is still wet. It will take the oil up to two days to harden completely and provide maximum protection. Before the oil has hardened it can rub off on clothing. This can not be washed off.


Rinse used sponges and cloths thoroughly with water. Place them in an airtight container or plastic bag and dispose of them trough your household waste collection service.

  • 500 ML
  • 17 FL OZ



Skovby Furniture – Hansen Interiors Certified Skovby Premier Retailer

Skovby Furniture is Functionality Skovby was founded in 1933 by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. He laid the foundation for sustainable and functional furniture design. Th. Rasmussen had vision, a strong work ethic and professional pride. That proud tradition was handed down to Thorvald’s son, Villy, and then to Thorvald’s grandsons, Preben and… Read More
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