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Hide Bracer

Hide Bracer helps to retain the beauty and other desirable qualities, leather requires conditioning to replace the natural lubricants lost during normal use. Unless provided with proper care and protection, excessive dryness can cause leather to crack and too much moisture can cause it to eventually stiffen as it dries out.

Hide Bracer Leather Conditioner and Cleaner helps prevent leather from drying out and cracking, and protects against the staining and discoloration that can occur from contact with water, body oils, cosmetics, lotions, hair sprays, perspiration and other soiling agents. It is non ionic in nature, meaning that it was developed to be compatible with the finishes applied at the tannery and is pH balanced accross a broad pH range. It contains sun screnning properties to protect leather from ultraviolet (UV) rays which cause fading. Hide Bracer retains and rejuvenates the natural beauty of leathers while helping to discourage cracking and surface breakdowns. Hide Bracer cleans dirt and body oils buildups as it enhances the feel of the leather while resisting surface dust particles. Hide Bracer was the chosen leather care product by Ekornes Stressless for years.

  • Free of silicone and other chemical ingredients that break down the natural oils in leather.
  • 8 FL OZ
  • Made in USA

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