Scandinavia Teak End Table With Front Cut

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Scandinavia Teak End Table With Front Cut -

The Scandinavia is a solid-wood beauty! One glance at this end table and you’ll recognize the pure Scandinavian design from across the room. But take a closer look and you’ll quickly fall in love with its finer details too. First, you’ll notice the carefully executed finishing that makes each piece come alive, revealing its own unique beauty. Then, you’ll remark on the elegantly hand-finished joinery that turns a functional piece into a fine-quality furnishing. And finally, you’ll appreciate the clean, organic design that all but gives away the country of its creation. The Scandinavia Teak end table is made in Denmark for Hansen Interiors. You can get your piece of Scandinavia in any of four solid wood choices. Yes, we like it in Teak!
No matter your wood choice, the Scandinavia Collection's standard oil finish allows you to keep your table looking fresh and new for years to come. Here in Wisconsin, we suggest oiling in Spring and Fall. Light scratches? No worries. Since Scandinavia is all solid wood, you can remove light scratches simply and quickly, using either fine sandpaper or #0000 steel wool. Give the table a light sanding, then simply re-oil with our Zinolin Teak Oil, or Scand-Oil for Oak, and your table is as good as new!

Just The Facts


Scandinavia Teak End Table Details

  • Made in Denmark
  • Solid wood
  • Wood choices: Teak, Walnut, Cherry and Oak
  • Standard finish: Oiled
  • Optional finish, upon request: Lacquered

The Nature of Solid Wood

Solid WoodTaking care of your solid-wood furnishings is key to their long and beautiful life with you. This is because solid wood is a living, breathing material. That means the structure of solid wood is affected by the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. Read more

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