Luonto Monika Sofa Sleeper Queen

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Width 71"
Height 32.5"
Depth 40"
Seat Height 17.5"
Seat Depth 21.5"
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Whether you want a single sleeper, full size, queen, or even king size, the Luonto Monika Sofa Sleeper series has it all. Ascetically pleasing to a large audience, Monika is a go-to design because of its ability to conform to virtually any environment. The dual motion sleeper (left/right independent) nests a portion of the mattress perfectly below the seat and another portion tucks effortlessly in the back of the frame. A combination that does not compromise on style nor comfort whether seated or sleeping.

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The options on this page are quick-ship models; however, this product is fully customizable. These customizations include size, upholstery, cushions, contrast stitching, leg height material, and finish. For upholstery, choose any of the hundreds of fabrics and leathers or even upholster in your own material.
  • Mattress size is 60"W x 80"L
  • Individually bench-made by Scandinavian craftsmen in Finland.
  • Seat Frame constructed of select SOLID SPRUCE with finger joints and no-zag springs (at least four per seat).
  • Back parts constructed with Mortise & Tenon design for extraordinary durability.
  • Exterior sides and back fully padded.
Our sustainable manufacturing processes are part of our heritage. Finland maintains rigorous environmental standards by which we have grown to live. Roughly 80% of the country is lake and forest, which puts a big emphasis on sustainability in our culture. Careful attention to the environment and sustainability is not something we do to be on trend but because it’s who we are and the ideals of our land.

Our sustainability efforts begin at the start of the manufacturing process with the raw materials. We understand exactly where our materials come from by owning Viitala Forest, our family timber business. We mainly harvest Nordic Spruce and Birch for our sofa frames. The life cycle of one of our forests is roughly 80 years, and replanted trees take their place after harvesting.

Throughout our production process, we produce roughly four thousand pounds of wood waste daily. Instead of writing it off as waste, we convert the by-product into pellets. It’s then used in wood-fired ovens to heat all three of our factories, local schools, and a local town.

Once our design team has perfected our foam core shape, a template is sent to our foam supplier. Locally outsourcing our foam necessities ensures our foam shape is accurate 100% of the time and prevents foam waste from entering the factory.

We strive to partner with vendors and suppliers that support our sustainability efforts enabling us to reduce waste and re-purpose scrap materials for continued uses.

By building a high-quality product, we consume less total resources while keeping up with the demands of functional furniture. Every product is engineered with attention to detail, resulting in fewer claims. We require fewer resources for repairs, maintenance, service dispatches, and replacements. Our furniture’s durability and length of life empower us to reduce our overall impact on our environment.

With these methods, we minimize our carbon footprint, secure our longevity and deliver fine functional furniture to you that can endure the demands of your lifestyle.

Research & Design

The Luonto development team includes experienced individuals who specialize in specific production areas. They comprise a group that complements and works together to understand the strengths and limitations of every aspect of production. Our R&D team excels at finding solutions and achieving our goals.

Frame Cutting & Assembly

Using CNC technology to achieve pinpoint accuracy, frames are cut and assembled by hand with careful attention to detail. Water-based glue is used in every wooden joint to ensure the best bonding. We only use the highest-grade raw materials, so our framework is clean, strong, and built to last.

Foam Gluing

Our solid foam cores are wrapped with Dacron to create a comfortable layer between the upholstery and foam. The gluing is important as it prevents the material from separating, thus avoiding any future lumping.


Luonto artisans are known for their keen attention to detail. These artisans machine sew every stitch of your sofa to perfection. Our sewing department makes it happen, whether surging hidden edges to prevent fraying or stitching details critical to the design.

Upholstery Cutting

We have found through experience that technology cannot always match the quality of our artisans as they possess the touch and feel that machines cannot replicate. All top-grain leathers and patterned upholsteries are cut by hand.


During the upholstering phase, the piece begins to look recognizable as the furniture in your household. Our team of upholsterers is tough and works to ensure that each piece is perfectly fitted.
See the Luonto Customer Care Manual under the Manual tab for complete care and maintenance information.
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Luonto Furniture began in 1964 when Finnish farmer, Pentti Viitala made the most courageous decision of his life: He sold his cows, bought a truck, and started upholstering sofas in the hen house of the family farm, selling them door to door. The foundation of courage and commitment on which Pentti Viitala conceived and built his furniture company is ever-present in Luonto today.

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The general warranty for our products is 2 years (unless otherwise agreed with your reseller, please check with your reseller). In addition, we grant a 10-year frame warranty for the wooden frames of our sofas and armchairs. The mechanisms and motors we use are covered by a 2-year warranty provided by their manufacturers, with the exception of our batteries used in our products, which have a six-month warranty. For the Superior seat cushions made by molded cold cure foam, their manufacturer grants a separate 10-year elasticity guarantee (= foam rubber resets 95% to its original thickness during the above-mentioned period). The warranty does not cover defects caused by normal wear and tear, misuse of the product, or negligence of care. Also, normal wear and tear on the upholstery surfaces, as well as loosening and compression due to the use of cushions, are not covered by the warranty.
Note: The warranty is only valid for the original owner, it is not transferrable.. The original purchase receipt must be kept until the end of the warranty period and be presented in case of possible damage.

See the Luonto Customer Care Manual under the Manual tab for complete warranty terms and conditions.

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