Eilersen Tub Chair

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12-16 weeks

Width 47.25"
Height 28"
Depth 37"
Seat Height 15.75"
Seat Depth 26.75"
Arm Height 23"
Jens Juul Eilersen created a gigantic "sofa bathtub," a blend of soft foam, down, and pillows. The Tub chair is the most fantastic and softest seating unit yet in the Eilersen universe. The contrast between the slim, tight outer shell and the interior plush foam and down creates dynamism in the language of form. It's like sitting on a soft bed. The Tub does not have a heavy frame, which is part of the comfort. But on the other hand, a thin shell keeps the large, soft pillows in place. Externally, the lines are straight and tight; internally, the upholstery and pillows result in smooth organic lines.
The entire sitting comfort in Tub lies in the foam, which seems softer due to the large depth. This provides a feeling of elevation and larger submersion than other Eilersen sofas. It is just like sitting in a large mug of foaming beer or on a cloud of down according to Jens Juul Eilersen who promises that even though Tub is soft, inviting, and provoking, it cannot become flat. Coordinating Tub pieces are available in two depths, 37" or 41", and the series contains corner, end, and center sections, which can be combined as desired to create your perfect arrangement. Tub chair available only in 37" depth.
  • Standard delivery is with a fixed frame cover with a calico cover underneath
  • Available in fabric and leather.
  • Can be ordered with a removable cover
  • All cushion covers are Zipper-closing
  • Brushed stainless steel legs standard, white or black available
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A lot has changed since Eilersen’s story began back in 1895, but their founding principle has always stayed the same: to bring beauty and comfort to your world.
Quality can’t be tested online. It’s even difficult to test it in a store. True quality reveals itself after years of use.
Eilersen combines the best materials with a proud tradition for craftsmanship in every product we make.

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