Elmo Rustical

Anilin leather with all the distinct features of the natural hide. Leather with a grain which varies in structure and offers outstanding comfort. It is Grain leather from Scandinavian cattle. Wounds are naturally and gets patina over time.

ER 99991 Black

Elmo Rustical

ER 93327 Dark Brown

Elmo Dark Brown

ER 93287 Brown

Elmo Brown

Hemsen Anilin

Aniline leather with only a light surface treatment which preserve the leather’s natural surface and soft touch. It’s bareness reveals all the hide’s natural characteristics. Gets patina over time.

HA 19 Black

Hemsen Anilin 19

HA 35 Brown

Hemsen 35

HA 22 Toasted Almond

Hemsen 22

HA 43 Red

Hemsen 43




Anilin leather. Soft and natural. Over time, exposed to light and use, the leather gets patina. Wounds are naturally.

207 Black Ink

Scott Black Ink

211 GrayShadow

Scitt 211 Grey Shadow