About Per Hånsbæk

M. Arch. Per Hånsbæk

For more than 25 years M. Arch. Per Hånsbæk has been the main partner in the creation of many successful Skovby designs.

With a passion for equal parts materials, design and functionality Architect Per Hånsbæk has developed a long line of Skovby dining room furniture for more than 25 years. Each piece of furniture has the characteristic Hånsbæk signature – a distinct balance between design and functionality, which he believes to be of equal importance. This makes him an expert on functional design – meeting the consumers’ changing needs and styles in interior decoration.

Several Hånsbæk designs are patented. One of them is the rectangular SM24 table that easily extends from a seating capacity of six to twenty people. Another classic example is the round #32 table, which extends in three directions when turning a plate under the table top and makes room for nine people.

Design-wise Skovby always aims at a long-lasting expression – some of Hånsbæks most popular Skovby designs were designed more than 20 years ago.

Besides the tables, Hånsbæk has designed many chairs, sideboards, display cabinets and living room furniture. One of the latest designs is the flexible modular system called NORRA, which is suitable for both the dining and the living room.