About Mogens Koch

Le Klint Designer Mogens Koch Hansen InteriorsMogens Koch, Architect (March 2, 1898 – September 16, 1992)

Mogens Koch graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He designed in conjunction with Kaare Klint from 1925 until 1930, designing the LeKlint Pendant, Model 105. In 1940, he became an Associate Professor at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and worked as a Professor of Architecture between 1950 and 1968.

Mogens Koch was known for his classic designs, not only in the field of furniture, but in architecture, textiles, silverware, and typography as well. His designs, some born out of necessity, others simple assignment, are none-the-less creative and exciting. Some of the honors he received include the Eckersberg Medal, in 1938, and the Danish Design Center’s Classic Award, in 1990.