About Ingmar Relling

IngmaIngmar Rellingr Relling was an impassioned designer, who created a series of functional furniture designs during his long career. Today he is considered as one of the greatest contributors to the Scandinavian Design. Ingmar Relling opened his own practice in 1950, and in 1965 he designed his greatest creation: the Siesta chair. The Siesta is a simply harmonious and classical chair, free of unnecessary details, and it became an icebreaker that opened up international markets to Norwegian furniture exports.

Simplicity, minimalism, elegance and uncompromising quality are key concepts in all Relling’s designs. Sleek, clear lines, not to mention the obvious correlation between design and function, were essential for Ingmar Relling, who always was closely involved with the chair’s development after it left the drawing board. Even in the design phase, it was crucial for Relling that the Siesta should be eco-friendly – with optimized use of materials, wood from sustainable forests, maximum durability and reusability. Ingmar Relling became Norway’s most internationally famous and recognized furniture designer as well as one of the greatest contributors to the concept Scandinavian Design.

The Siesta Classic has had a home at Hansen Interiors for a very long time.

Siesta Classic 1971 Hansen Interiors