Skovby SM 402 Cabinet

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Length 33.1"
Height 34"
Depth 16.9"
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The Skovby SM 402 Cabinet is a minimalist storage solution with all the features you need. Crafted in Denmark, it features two doors, two shelves, and one long drawer, all in a sleek and simple design. You can choose from a variety of top materials to match your décor, and its simple legs make sure that it doesn't take away from the design. Perfect for your bedroom, living room, or office.

Veneered Surfaces

Veneers are sliced logs cut into thin sheets of wood. Veneers create book-matched patterns, making furniture with a homogenous and symmetrical look possible.

A Veneer is cut to a desired length and width while respecting the wood grain and structural appearance. Then the pieces are edge-glued, often in a symmetrical pattern - this is done by flipping every other veneer leaf.

The completed veneer sheet is then glued onto a furniture-grade wood board or MDF board made of recycled wood, such as wood chips from Skovby's manufacturing facility. The veneered panels are cut to size and veneered or solid edging is added. Finally, all surfaces receive a sanding treatment and oil or lacquer protective surface.

When the veneer is sliced, many similar leaves of veneer are created - this makes it possible to manufacture furniture where two halves of a tabletop in an extension table or the doors on the front of a sideboard mirror each other.

Veneered furniture is energy-friendly, meaning minimal energy makes the most significant possible quantity of products per cubic meter of wood. Veneered furniture often has a calm appearance due to its uniform patterns.

Veneered furniture mirrors the diversity of nature. You may find minor knots, pigmentation, and color varieties between each leaf of veneer and edging. When light refracts on the surface of the wood, it may create optical color differences - this may give the impression that the elements have various colors depending on your perspective. For the same reason, it may look like horizontal and vertical surfaces have different colors, even though they do not. All of these nuances contribute to creating unique furniture on nature's terms. However, before processing an item, Skovby focuses on matching components with a low tolerance for color and structure.

Skovby uses wood with great respect. Anything else would be wrong – to nature, the trees, and the forestry workers who have nurtured the trees for years.

Laminate Surfaces

Laminate tabletops are constructed in the same way as veneered surfaces. The furniture board is covered with high-pressure laminate instead of a veneer. Skovby's high-pressure laminate has unmatched resistance for everyday use and is easy to maintain. Laminate surfaces may have pigmentation spots of up to 0.5 mm, just as minor deviations in gloss may occur between each surface.
  • Natural wood veneers
  • Water-based finish
  • Made in Denmark


Skovby furniture is made from natural materials, selected with consideration and respect for nature, the environment, and people. Wood is one of the most sustainable and lasting resources that exist. Sustainable forests in Europe and North America are increasing. Wood that we obtain from such forests is replaced, supporting ecosystem diversity preservation. Our excess wood is used as fuel. All wood chips and shavings are utilized to heat our premises, contributing to a positive carbon-dioxide accounting and making up a valuable resource in our pursuit of carbon-neutral production.

A healthy work environment where employees are supported, thrive, and wish to stay for many years allows us to develop products that match our high-quality requirements. Skovby is happy and proud to be celebrating many 25- and 40-year employee anniversaries.

As a member of the Danish Furnituremakers' Quality Control, Skovby is part of an exclusive network of 17 Danish furniture companies, which invest time and resources to push the agenda on sustainable operations, to be equipped to handle the highest standards and requirements for durability and to secure skilled labor in the future.


It pays to design, construct and produce furniture within the same physical environment. By doing so, we achieve cohesion contributing to a sustainable business model. This is good for our business, environment, and people.

By keeping all production under one roof, we achieve strong involvement and a broad representation of interdisciplinary competencies among our employees, from an initial idea to a finished product. Our products are developed through close interaction between cabinetmakers, technicians, and the company architect. And together, they pursue to reach new heights with multifunctional and lasting designs.

The road from raw materials to production is short. Raw materials are transported efficiently between locations to and during production. Many raw materials are from neighboring areas – everything available locally is obtained and employed locally.
  • Hardwood Veneer
  • Laminate


"Function" is the driving force, and is a shared passion spanning the three generations of cabinetmakers. Skovby was among the frontrunners within functional extension systems for tables. Today, Skovby is world renowned for its unique talent to combine design and functionality. The continuous and direct reason for Skovby's success is the ability to develop designs that unite strong aesthetic expression with innovative function.

We consider all components of our furniture. Not only is wood carefully selected, but also lacquer, fittings, packaging, not to mention textiles, and chair foam, which comply with the strictest standards in the world as to fireproofing and wear.

We create innovative designs with subtle but vital details for everyday use.

Oil Treated Surfaces

An oil-treated piece of furniture has had a natural treatment at the Skovby facility, giving a matte and natural wood appearance. Oil treatment enhances the natural variations in wood grain structure. Just as various parts of an item will absorb the oil differently, they may also dry out at a different pace, giving the surface an uneven appearance. Drying is natural and expected. Additional oil treatment will even out its look. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to oil before use. If you are unsure, please get in touch with Hansen Interiors directly.

We recommend Natural or White Oil from the Skovby Care Collection to maintain oil-treated veneers and solid furniture. Based on your environment, solid and veneer surfaces should be re-oiled at least once yearly. Click on the Natural and White Oil links at the top of this paragraph for detailed application and instructions on how to oil your surfaces.

Lacquered Surfaces

For daily cleaning, wipe the furniture with a clean cloth well wrung out in lukewarm water - if necessary, add a couple of drops of uncolored dish detergent to a quart-sized glass of water (roughly the size of a pint glass). Follow this up by wiping the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as scouring powders or creams.

A professional workshop should only carry out repairs. Please get in touch with Hansen Interiors before making any decisions that may damage your surface. We are here to help.

Laminate Surfaces

For daily cleaning of a laminate tabletop, we recommend wiping it with a cloth firmly wrung out in lukewarm water. Afterward, wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth. You can use a soft dish detergent if the surface needs a more thorough cleaning. Wipe it afterward with a clean, moist cloth and a clean, dry cloth. Do not use scouring powder or nylon sponges, as these can matte or scratch the laminate.

Deeper Cleaning on Laminate Surfaces

Clean the surface with a fat-dissolving cleaning agent that does not contain abrasives. Remove the cleaning agent with a cloth firmly wrung out in clean water to avoid any solution discoloring the surface. Finally, wipe the table with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid moisture and potent cleaning agents on wooden edges. Wipe wood edges with a clean cloth, firmly wrung out in clean water. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Stains and Damages on Laminate Surfaces

Fat, oil, pen marks, etc., will remove with acetone, thinner, or benzene (we are still talking about laminate surfaces - please do not apply these products on any wood surface!). Then clean with a cloth firmly wrung in clean water. Wipe the surface dry with a cloth.

Never use acidic detergents, wax, or furniture polish, as these may cause permanent discoloration. Do not use solvents on the wooden edges of a high-pressure laminate (HPL) surface.

FENIX Nano Surfaces

Besides easy maintenance advantages outlined above, colored FENIX NTM nano laminate possesses a quality that can heal micro scratches using a melamine foam sponge (i.e., Magic Eraser) due to its thermal features. Removing scratches in a Nano Laminate Surface can also be achieved using an iron and a dampened paper towel by steaming the surface. Please get in touch with Hansen Interiors for questions regarding your laminate surface before making an unknown decision.
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Skovby Furniture

It pays to design, construct and produce furniture within the same physical environment. Working this way means Skovby achieves cohesion, which helps create a sustainable business model. That’s good for Skovby, and it’s good for the environment and for people, too!

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sheryl g.
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skovby sm 402 cabinet

great! - just the right size to fit into the corner space and looks perfect with the skovby table and skovby chairs we previously purchased

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