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Get the Kid a Hammer!

Thayer Coggin's love of furniture began one early Christmas morning, when all he asked for was a claw hammer. After receiving it, Thayer made his own bedroom suite. A few years later, in shop class at High Point High School, he made rocking chairs and cedar chests for tuition to attend High Point College. Then, after service in WWII, he returned to his first love and founded James Manufacturing. But, Thayer dreamed of producing designs that were innovative. He traveled to Europe for inspiration and he was impressed by the light-scaled upholstery he saw there. He said, "The simple, clean lines appealed to my sense of beauty...[their impression] hit me like a ton of bricks." Home in High Point, he developed a singular focus: to develop furniture featuring sleek, horizontal lines, synonymous with the ranch-style homes that characterized post-war suburbia. He just needed the right creative designer. Enter Milo Baughman.
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Milo Baughman, Thayer Coggin. Image: Thayer Coggin

A Powerful Handshake

In the early 1950's, Milo Baughman wanted to attract interest in his modern upholstery designs. He received acclaim by The New York Times for innovative designs that were called "elegant and fresh" and "strong and greatly sophisticated." Consequently, he traveled to High Point, NC, the national center for furniture manufacturing, hoping to attract interest in his designs. All the major companies turned him down. His last meeting was with Thayer Coggin. Milo later remarked, "For about an hour, I showed him my designs. Thayer suddenly stood up and said, 'This isn't like anything I have ever seen before, but I like it. Let's do it."

Thayer Coggin carved out a unique identity in the home furnishings market, thanks to his commitment to modern, classic design. Thayer Coggin combined his inventive engineering and manufacturing expertise with Milo Baughman's unique and creative design genius. Together, they came to define the mid-century modern era of American residential Furniture. The partnership of Thayer Coggin and Milo Baughman is the foundation of the upholstery company of Thayer Coggin, Inc. Today, Thayer Coggin is one of the most celebrated names in luxury home furnishings.

Dedication To Quality

Thayer Coggin's mid-century modern furniture is bench-made, by a single craftsperson. This process is unique to the home furnishings industry. It means grouped pieces will be consistent, one with another. What's more, he demanded the highest quality for his upholstery. That's what bench-made furniture at Thayer Coggin is guaranteed to be.

TC furniture is made with the finest materials and can be fully customized. Options include a variety of wood, metal and fabric options. Thayer Coggin offers hundreds of fabric choices in a variety of colors, patterns and materials, or customers can supply their own fabrics. Seat cushions are environmentally-safe polyurethane foam. The foam is produced without the use of ozone-destroying CFC's.

T.C. Inspiration

Thayer Coggin Cool Clip Sectional and Ottoman
Get Smart, Twiggy & DC Drums
Thayer Coggin Cool Clip Sectional and Ottoman
Cool Clip & Cool Ottoman
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Hangover, EZ Rider & Colours Buffet
Thayer Coggin Get Smart Twiggy
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Ice Blade & Betty
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Straight Up & Kai
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Design Classic & Rod Lounge
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L.A. & Roger
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Drop In & Drums